In this video I am 4-tabling $6.50 turbos in Full Tilt and the basic point is to show how to begin to learn how to multi-table small stakes turbo sit & gos. I use the “tight is right” approach early on, and really open up my game in the later stages near the bubble. You will see me use some basic sit & go strategies, and a lot of that includes stealing the blinds when the moment is right and exploiting weaker players.

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All right. Hello, this is Givememyleg. I will just be 4-tabling 650 Turbos, I guess just to show … because I know some people talk about how they kind of just multi-tabling and can only play one table. It’s actually pretty easy once you do it a few times. I started with one and now I can do a whole bunch. It’s just real basic but just to give you a demonstration of what to do, how to get quick reads and everything like that. Let’s see, I got three up and once I’m done you guys can tear me apart because I play like a donk.

Let’s see how it goes. I hope the video looks okay. It’s the first time I’m using Camtasia or whatever you call it. The resolution is pretty low and I have to re-size the table, so I hope it turns all right. I have no idea where my sound went. I would like to have sound. What is happening to my sound. There you go. That’s strange.

I guess, the biggest thing you want to do when you’re starting to multi-table is … it’s harder to get reads I guess, on the table, but when you’re folding you always want to be paying attention to the pots and the hand history is your friend. Sort of pay attention to what they do, and then if you notice something just double click and take a note, save and exit. Those just minor little things really help.

Use the auto-fold buttons a lot, so that I can just pay attention to the tables. That was just kind of silly hand. I like to see what the other people mock. That right there is I just got to show you. You can put him as a donk. Highest stack, my position. I’m just going to limp to that. You could raise here. Early on I like to play too much. I just call pair seven so flop a set. That’s an ugly flop.

I don’t know what paired on here. Just limp hope to get a set. I could have just … I only got 30 invested. No point of even continuing at all, and this guy is labeled as a donk but there’s no reason to do anything silly.

Another pair, going pair crazy. No reason to bet and we’ll do a pot. One of the reasons I think multi-tabling sit-and-go is just so easy is because they’re just so basically automatic and just do it on an autopilot. Whereas I have some trouble playing more than six tables of a cash game.

Because those focus a lot more on reads, and you can go into a lot more difficult situations. Here, it’s just basically poker robot. I’m going to fold this time but it’s essential to take in account what these guys end up having. I just kind of tell you but I just sort of like throwing away king, queen and hands like king, jacks suited.

Not necessarily bad to fold on. You could raise and limp or whatever, but I’m pretty tight in the first few levels. I ended up folding to the man raised and mocked.

A hand like jack, queen under the gun, I just tend to just fold it. Got a big pair right here. Wow! That goes to this guy won’t fold, calling station. This guy right here, he’s agro monkey. I like to call them agro monkeys.

By the way, if you have noticed I’m the happy Asian guy down here at the bottom, actually don’t have my HUD on. Probably would help. I just didn’t started up. I don’t feel like turn it on right now. I’m just playing 650, so it is and I guess that’s crucial. Actually, I don’t think I have Poker Checker installed since I formatted, but well.

Yeah, not really much to say because like I said it’s just basic early on. Fold, fold, fold. One thing I don’t like to do is…I like to use the auto-fold button, but I never use the auto-check or the auto-check/fold button. I just like to do the actual check. If you use the auto-check or check/fold then they just know you’re with garbage. Don’t ever use the auto-call or anything.

I just burned an extra 20 chips. Wow. I guess it doesn’t matter because they busted out, but how did that betting go? I didn’t see that. Did he raise pre-flop? He played it all right. All right, nice triple, I want one of those. If I play in any less than four tables I get extremely bored, but when I first started it was pretty difficult to adjust.

I just started with one and added another, and then just keep adding one every once in a while. If you find yourself game to reload it and go back to one or two, and then just keep trying it.

No a real reason involved there. I did have a second pair and a straight draw, but I’m a big, big nitch early on sit-and-go. Especially, these little buy-in ones, there’s no reason to get fancy at all. I hope you can’t hear my sister’s music that’s just blurring in the other room because I can hear it though the microphone can’t.

Now, I get involve with ace-x. I hope this isn’t too boring. I just fold and all-in. That’s basically how I play sit-and-go. Sometimes I get bored and change it up. Essentially, it’s just real basic. I got a pair here. I guess, it’s the same mid-pair. Not exactly little. All sick. Okay, I’ll just call for a set. I want to call but I should lay it down. In every fold that tornado always comes. I feel like burning 240 chips.

Really been incorrect for me to call the earning way technically I guess, you could say. Wow! That is sick. Give me the hand. I guess, this isn’t going to be very interesting until it comes down once the blinds are hanging in push fold mode.

I know that a lot of people new to sit-and-gos they inexactly sure when they’re should push and when they should call and they end up getting blinded off. Or they get to the bubble and get blinded off in fourth place or something. That’s where you can tell when you’re playing against a good player or not.

They’re tight early on and … according to most strategy. Anyway, I’ve always done tight early on and then you start to open up once the blinds get higher. Wow, aces everywhere.

I like to check the hand history if in case I missed something. I hope it’s not too annoying to the camera. Queen, ten suited. I love playing those kind of hands, but those were just basic. Sit-and-go video, I was going to play very tight. Trip jacks. While he was calling them down I had a good shot. I already have him labeled as a donk. I love playing those kind of hands. Under the gun. Let them go.

There you go, pair of jacks. Under the gun, man raised. No idea, nothing on this guy. I’m going to see a flop here. That’s a very good flop. I’m going to lead out and bet at it, my other pair. I flop top pair. This where people probably get sort of confusing in all these actions going on at once. He called. I like the turn card four, five flush everything I got. I don’t want kill myself here. Either he had me already he has me now. I don’t want to stack off with the pair of jacks here on an ace board. Now, I want him to have a reason to stack off.

Still got a plenty of chips, I like to see a flop with that hand. There’s a lot going on it. It is kind of difficult first but you just got to … I mean, I always use my time bank even if I know what I’m going to do just in case something else come up in another table where I have to think. My hand doesn’t get folded or anything like that.

I like the Full Tilt has a time bank now. They never used to. Here’s a crappy situation I got myself in. I could led here, the man bets. I’ll see the turn card see if he does. May not be the best play, but I will just let the flop, see if he like that. Always, he’d made my turn decision easy. How did that get on? Mine’s a 50 hand and I got 10 blinds, so I’m going to push fold mode here, here, and pretty much will be soon in all the tables.

Here’s a one, three, so I only want to push ten, six obviously on a button. I’m in push fold mode in all my tournaments. This is where it starts to … there will be a little more action I guess. Did he call that? He raised under the gun. Just mark little things like that and you’ll never know it can help your decision. He limped in my position, but I have a pair. I’ve got 10 blinds. I’m going to go all in here. Hope he folds. At best he got a coin flip. I’d assume if he calls, but there you go.

Picked up some chips. Nice little pot. Here we go again, another small pair. See the action goes there. No idea, no HUD stats. See this where HUD stats really help.

I’ll fold that. For those who don’t know what HUD stats are it’s a program you can get in addition with poker checker. That marks how often their VPIP, voluntary put money in pot, and how often they raise preflop, their aggression factors, everything. That stuff really does help in like an under the gun raises, and you’re sitting there with a pair, what to do. Well, I was lazy. I didn’t turn it on.

Probably going to folded that pair of fives anyway regardless. He didn’t have very much more after his raise. I’m on the same stack in every table. Now, he’s going to get funky with ace-x, under the gun. It’s the second time this guy has re-raised. Last time he had ace, king. He gets it this time, king, queen.

I was hoping for a luck. I hope for the preflop, flop something big. I almost want to just shove it in there pick up 540 maybe. That’s kind of ugly. See how it goes.

Agro Monkey. He read it. I’m still in decent chip. I got 10 blinds I’m just about. No reason to … Pair of threes under the gun. There’s too many people to act behind me. I’m just going fold that.

If I had around 800-850 chips I would probably push that, but it’s all good something to work with here. Ace, four. There’s been a lot of limpers. That guy usually raises with the hands. I’m just going to try and see if I can pick up his money here. I don’t know, I guess you guys can tell me if it was a bad push or not.

Here you go. Picked up some chips there. I think it’d be better than calling and seeing a flop because I’m really not going to hand anything anyway. If an ace comes who knows. That sucks. That’s an easy all in right there but right here, I’m probably just going to let him have it. It is a buttons steal but he did raise four times.

That probably like Mcat was telling in a post today. When they raise big they’re most likely not folding. I’ve been pushing so I’ll just keep pushing. I could have just raise smaller there. It’s a big hand but it’s a pushament, and they raise bigger like there. Now, fold to me the small blind. I mean, I have seven, four which is the bad hand, but I’m going to try to steal his blind.

Obviously, I don’t want him to call, but there you go, picked up. Whenever you’re in a situation like that the fold stealing the small blind you only got one person to beat. You see mine I just put in and hope to pick up the chips.

I can’t call with that but I can real short up here and very, very desperate. Again, if the folds is going here I got to shove that. Pretty much, uncommon to any ace, any two broadways, big cards over there.

I’m at about five big blinds here. I hope he folds. There you go, easy push there. Pushing the ace, ace. That probably is a good thing to do. See, that’s also one good thing that can happen when you’re pushing the small blind. You can always get lucky and suck out. He can’t believe it. Neither can’t I.

The worse plays do the best on here. Too true. Lol donkaments. I usually just don’t chat but whatever, because that was definitely a rookie move pushing in small blind.

Here is the situation where I could say I have odds to see a flop, but I’d rather just conserve my chips and may call on the queen-seven off suit so he would be out of position. Here’s a hand where no matter what happens I’m going within a five blinds ace, jack off suit. Even everyone raise all-in I would probably just still have to call.

See the blind just getting really high. If he goes on and I’ll have to call. I don’t know if I’ll have a better chance later. I got about eight blinds. Ace, three, I mean, I could push it. I guess, I’d lean towards folding there. Can you guys can tell me my donk moves later? Four, five suited. I’ll see a flop. I’m just going to fold my ace, four there. Here we go easy push ace, jack under the gun. I only have six and a half blind. It’s not a bad turn card, they both checked.

I’m going to take a little stab here about 320. Pocket twos, 10 blinds. I didn’t even see what happened there. I river the flush against ace, king. That’s fun. This is an easy push right here. Actually, I probably could have just raised. I’m just going to fold those twos. I thought the blinds are one, two at this table as well but same thing basically.

I chose to fold those twos. I’m not too bad shape. I do have less than 10 blinds but there’s a lot of people to act after me. Here, I’m just going to make a steal five hundred. I can’t do anything about this.

I have to fold here, but I chose to make a steal and a little bit above 10 blinds and I don’t want to risk my whole stack, but there’s a good enough hand to make a steal. It has a little post stack value in case someone calls.

Hopefully, next time I push around it’s aces again. Here I am I have got about seven blinds, ace, eight in the big blind. I figure if someone burst I’ll probably have to push this and see what happens if he push this up.

Probably I’ll have to call him. Seven, ace. Taking his sweet old time. He can get a walk, I mean, I wouldn’t mind that. If everyone want to limp in I would have been all-in there.

Here’s a situation I’m actually not … I always in bad with dealing … ace, seven are here so I’ll easy all-in. Under the gun with an ace, eight. I’m just going to fold and let it go.

That might have been a bad fold again, you guys can tell me. This guy sucked on me now. I lost that one. Here’s a very easy all-in with ace, queen suited.

Out of that tournament. That’s fine. Easy all-in with basically any two cards there. Sucked on these aces last time. Let’s see what happens this time.

I am a $#!ty clueless player, and I’m getting booed. The guy has still feeling the effects and he sucked on his aces. Not all the blinds are just getting so ridiculously high here.

I’m going to see a flop here. Maybe if we catch the right one see that could help me up out. I hope he didn’t push. Just check, buddy.

Okay, I wasted some of the chips. I don’t really want to risk it there. Only 400, geez. 400 to call. Those are in the pot. I’m going to gamble with my king high here. It’s a pretty good gamble. Still that eight of course.

It wasn’t a really bad calls. I was getting two and a half to won king high. He was really desperate. Maybe I should fold and just conserve my 400 chips.

The blinds are so huge. I’ll let you guys tell me. Here was an easy all-in jack, queen suited. Nine, ten suited. Folds to me, I’ll have to push. I don’t know why you don’t have auto-mock on. I usually do. I got about 10 blinds, pair of threes.

I’m going to fold that under the gun. This guy likes me going all-in all the time. That’s fine. I like going all-in, too. See JimJohn. He stole my play. I’m really desperate here now. That’s the probably the stupid idea, the king, five. I got a pair. Easy push. Pretty much any pair, any ace, any king, stuff like 10, jack I will have to push there.

I’m very happy with the folds. Here’s a pretty tough situation. The blinds are so big. I pretty much have to push that, any ace. Easy push here, well, all-in all. That’s a bad situation.

Queen and an ace. Lol donkaments. I don’t know if that was … that’s another thing that would help with a HUD, but did not have one. Pretty much just out of here. Now, I’m officially out of here. I don’t know if I like that ace, jack suited push. See if I can beat nine, six. Nope, can’t beat nine, six.

There someone say, “He finally gets what he deserves.” Barely alive here and here. Easy push, same situation as I’d explained before. You notice the big stack, I mean, just got to hope to suck out now.

Got a ten and a three and there’s a three. There you go. I got a decent stack over here and a pretty good hand. He’s been pushing a lot actually, pretty active.

I don’t want to be really calling with ace,-x here. The blinds are so big. I only got four blinds. I only have a five on hand. Yeah, actually [inaudible 00:33:43] hand.

I’ll fold. Might have maybe should have called there. I don’t know what to do with those ace sixes. I’m not an angry Asian. Jack, six, let it go. Decent over here. Chip leader of the table.

Ace, six again. See what happens this time. He’s really desperate under the gun. He only had little over two blinds. I’m just going to put it in here. I’d only have about three blinds, ace, six and ten, jack. See if I can hold up. It’s a good flop. Here we go. Little something to play with. I got to definitely push that.

Another easy push. Little ace-x here. Boldstorm. I’ve been very active pushing a lot, but again…another good hand. Give me some cards. Easy push. I don’t know what he is doing.

Maybe this will do with aces. No, I’m still in the last three pots. I’m just going to fold that one. I don’t want to start getting looked up too bad.

I’m doing decent here. I’m the chip leader. I’ve got about almost twice as many chips. Again, I could make a steal again. I’m just going to fold.

Ten, jack suited. See if I can hold up. Probably not. Chip leader in this one as well. For this two go better than the other two. Whenever I’m multi-tabling in sit-and-go’s I usually don’t start new ones until old ones are over with.

I don’t like being through here on a bubble here and having a full table, full table. It just gets a little too confusing. Wired pair at the chip lead. I was going to put him all-in.

I don’t know if I like a pair of sevens against two people. For I have my stack I’m just going to fold, I don’t know. Turns other is a good fold. I’m going to fold this one because this guy he knows how I’d been pushing with garbage. I’m pretty sure he was calling with anything there. Nine, four off suit. I’ll have to raise here, my queen three.

Definitely another steal. That’s a crap flop. There’s only 235 for me, and there’s 600 in the pot. I don’t know, maybe I could have kept this short stack alive, but chose to push it, my queen, 10.

The cut off. I’m folding my five, seven there. I don’t know, I’ll let that one go. Again, chip leader just in case happens to wake up or something.

Definitely and no way I’m a master of this sit-and-gos, so I appreciate any feedback get all from anyone. Do you think I made some mistakes because I probably have.

Our boy Samsammy his hands just can’t hold up. He’s all-in. We’ll see I can act there. Let it go. Checker down. Hopefully, he knows to check, eliminate this guy. Give me a three. He stays alive. Ace, nine. If he pushes I’ll have to call. Easy push. It’s our boy Samsammy, see if we can beat his four, seven. That’s no good. He talks back. Definitely push jack, seven suited on the button. Maybe Samsammy will take us all to send. Table is very tight. That’s what you want on the button.

You want tight tables. People are afraid to bust, so you can get a lot of steal opportunities. I have to push here. Hopefully, they fold. There you go. Now, we got a legitimate hand here. Definitely push again. Blinds are getting so high. People are going to start calling very lightly. Usually, [inaudible 00:40:45] get a little sucked out here. Didn’t looked like it.

Nope, and his ace high holds up. I let down but nothing I could do with that hand. Poor Sam. All right, Sam. Let’s gamble.

All right, back into decent shape. No around the bubble and I’m the big stack. This guy right behind me. It’s not probably too much of a thinking opponent, but on a bubble even at the small cent goes, they don’t want to bubble.

You could really start to up your aggression against the mid-stacks. If there is a short-stack and a mid-stack you definitely want to punish the mid-stack and keep that short-stack alive.

Keep that bubbles as long as you can when you’re a chip leader. They limp to kind of stole my steal chest. All the bubbles overrun the money over here.

I’m going to fold that ten, three off suit because I see they limp with a king, queen earlier. I believe that was him anyway. He hasn’t raised much at all.

Actually, he was reluctant early on, but I’ll let him take that one. I’ll gamble a jack, nine suited. This guy actually, he’s pretty decent. He seems he knows what he’s doing anyway.

Little four, six suit here. See if I can pick up some blind. Just stole the last pot on the button. I don’t really want to go for [inaudible 00:43:00] hand. I don’t know, I wake up with a decent hand here, ace, ten off suit. This is funny. I think I have to fold with him re-raising all-in because there’s a chance they can move up in the prize money by folding.

Or definitely I did called his own. Ace, six. Eight, eight. I don’t know what’s the heads up. I’m a pretty big dog but I would have pushed anything there. It doesn’t matter, I had two, four.

His stacks are decent and I hope he pushes. All right, easy call. This guy, he knows what he’s doing. And that’s the ball game. Nice hand, good game. Nothing really could have done there. Maybe there’s some spots. I’ll let you guys tell me about it. I don’t know. We’re down to one table.

All you can eat, baby. Please fold. Thank you. I’m chip leader and I only have five big blinds. 1,200 out there. Check deuce. I was suited, though. Dinner for Two aka The Big Lick. This guy, he really want to finish in the money. He had to call anything there technically, but chose to let it go.

I only got placed out a money out of the money the second. Hopefully, I can get a first or second here. I don’t want to get involved with that deuce three. We got a monster again in the small blind. Hope he folds. Not, we’re in trouble. This guy folds to small blind push a lot. Just a little something to take note of.

Queen, jack. That guy is all-in but hopefully, pick up some blinds. A little pair there. Presto, no around the bubble. I really want to be picking on this guy like I have. King, 10 off suit on a bubble. I’m not really going to call unless I have a decent hand.

No one wants to bust out. Pick-up some easy chips. Here’s a situation I’m close to three to one on my call, but eight deuce suited. Just conserve chips. Keep the bubble going a little longer. Definitely have to punish. Actually, the stack size are changing pretty often. Change it up make it 3,200. On legitimate hand.

Definitely, I got to go all-in here. They’re going to fold unless they have an absolute monster. I got a coin flip. Nice hand, sir. Now, I hope he got to call it. He’d basically got to call of anything here. I hope he knows that. Here we go. Why did you fold that? Whatever. If he was smart he’d go all-in here, but he’s not because he knows I won’t be able to … man. You can’t call about a big hand because look at him.

I’d have to push this with anything there. He actually should have pushed anything there, and I would had to fold my pair of sevens. Here’s a time where … I got 550. He can’t really call with anything because of him. He shouldn’t anyway. Those little spots like that you want to learn to pick up on. He’s all-in, he sense so definitely not get involve my eight, four off suit. Bubble might be over. There it is, so there’s the money as soon as well. All you can eat, baby. Chip leader, bubble has burst. Here we go. See if I can get sucked out. It’s a good flop. There you go.

Almost five to one heads up, and he seems tight. He didn’t want to gamble too much. Easy call, king high there. See if we can hold up win this guy. King. Tough look. What can you do. He’s pretty tight. I hope he folds here. Pushing basically any two cards. Thank you. Easy push and see if we can hold up. No three. Spade. Nothing you can do about that. See what he does now.

I’m going to see if I can take this away. Got to push preflop. King high. Coin flip. Looks like we’re getting two seconds. I’ve came back from worst. See if we can make a dramatic comeback on the video. That would be interesting here.

Don’t look like it. It’s over. We got other one, we had the money second, second. That’s 13 plus about 28, so 32. We made a profit. Not much of a profit but little bit of a profit there.

Grind out those little binds sit-and-gos and everything, but I don’t know, I guess that’s just the basic demonstration of multi-tabling small turbos.

Like I said again, if you’re only used to one, two tables and can’t really have the more just start adding one if those little things like hitting the time bank even when you are pretty sure what you’re going to do just in case something comes up.