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PokerStars features Sit & Go Tournaments (SNGs) for over a dozen different poker games, offering something for everyone, no matter what your favorite game or skill level. For those that excel in multiple types of games, or are wanting to learn different variations of poker, the HORSE SNGs are certainly worth checking out.

HORSE is an acronym where each letter stands for one of the five games that make up the format. The games are Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Lo, Razz, Stud, and Stud Eight or Better (Hi/Lo). The SNGs start out with the entrants playing Hold’em, and after each blind increase, the game switches to the next one in the rotation. After the fifth level, play switches back to Hold’em and the rotation starts again. All the featured games are played in their Limit versions, where bet and raise amounts are fixed for each street of play.

Single table SNGs start when eight players have entered, and are available at buyins ranging from $1.00 up to $500, plus rake. Turbo SNGs, where the blinds increase twice as fast, are available at buyins starting at $3.00 up to $200, plus rake. These single table SNGs pay out the top 3 finishers in the standard 50/30/20 format. For example, in a $10 SNG, the total prize pool is $80. First place would win $40, with $24 for 2nd place, and $16 going to 3rd place.

Regular speed HORSE SNGs are also available in a 2-table version with 16 starting players. These are offered for the lower buyins, from $2.00 up to $20 versions. These pay the top 4 finishers, with a 40/30/20/10 payout structure. If you prefer to play against a single opponent, heads up HORSE SNGs are also available. These are available in buyins ranging from $2.00 all the way up to $1000, plus rake, and are a “winner take all” tournament.

HORSE SNG tournaments start with 1500 chips, with the blinds starting out at 20/40 for the first game of Hold’em. The blinds increase every 10 minutes in the normal speed version, and every 5 minutes in the turbo SNGs, according to the following table:

Level – Game – Blinds – Ante

1 – Hold’em – 20/40

2 – Omaha H/L – 30/60

3 – Razz – 40/80 – 8

4 – Stud – 60/120 – 12

5 – Stud H/L – 80/160 – 16

6 – Hold’em – 100/200

7 – Omaha H/L – 150/300

8 – Razz – 200/400 – 40

9 – Stud – 300/600 – 60

10 – Stud H/L – 400/800 – 80

11 – Hold’em – 500/1000

12 – Omaha H/L – 750/1500

13 – Razz – 1K/2K – 200

14 – Stud – 1.5K/3K – 300

15 – Stud H/L – 2K/4K – 400

Blinds and antes continue to increase at level 16 and beyond, if necessary. Most games don’t last that long, however, with the regular speed games typically taking about 90 minutes to complete. The turbo SNGs tend to finish significantly faster, as the blind levels are going up twice as fast. Most turbo HORSE SNGs take about 30-45 minutes to play. The 2-table tournaments will generally take longer than the single-table versions, since the fields are bigger and it can take longer for all the players to be eliminated.

HORSE SNGs are very entertaining, and are a great way to hone your skills at a number of poker variations at the same time. Be sure to look these up on PokerStars and demonstrate your diverse skills.

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