Poker tell: “A tell in poker is a subtle but detectable change in a player’s behavior or demeanor that gives clues to that player’s assessment of his hand. A player gains an advantage if he observes and understands the meaning of another player’s tell, particularly if the tell is unconscious and reliable.” Poker tells are what make for good movies, but more importantly, what make the defining difference between profit and loss, a big call or a bad fold. Here to assist you in growing your skills are some of the top poker professionals in the world, sharing some insight into poker tells:

5. Mike Matusow’s Poker Tells:

4. Daniel Negreanu’s Top 5 Poker Tells:

3. Annie Duke’s Top 5 Poker Tells:

2. Joe Navarro’s Poker Tells:

1. Mike Caro’s Top 10 Poker Tells:

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Top Poker Tell Tips From 5 Pros
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