*These are not moves that I made up. I do not claim to be the creator of these moves. These plays are ones that I have collected, saved, and typed up from multiple sources.

*if anyone who DID create these moves objects to me posting the move here, please tell me

* I am bored at work so I am posting these. yay.


Pushing all in when there are multiple limpers with any 2 cards.

This move should only be used when the pot could add a significant amount of chips to your stack.

I.e. The blinds are at 30/60. You have taken some bad beats and your stack is now at 650. There are four limpers before you each contributing 60 into the 90T pot. You pick up 25o on the button and decide that these chips will be good for you. You push.

I.e. The blinds are at 30/60. Your stack is at 700. You are sitting in the BB. There are 4 limpers before you. The pot is now at 330. You push with 27o. You push.

Why does this move work?

The idea is that anyone who limps is playing a hand that is marginal and will most likely not be willing to play for all their chips on that hand.

Things to watch out for.

If you have seen someone limp AA or AK or QQ, and he limps this hand, this might not be the best hand to push on. Pick and choose your spots.

Here is a hand that illustrates this move:

Table $10,000 Guaranteed(364968) Table 2 (Real Money) — Seat 10 is the button

Total number of players : 10

Seat 1: gabefish (700)

Seat 2: bayoubetty (1165)

Seat 3: DEMONONE (1770)

Seat 4: masonpark1 (895)

Seat 5: gorg0505 (2183)

Seat 6: Nutz2big (1175)

Seat 7: FlaJackStraw (1722)

Seat 8: WOLFEK219 (915)

Seat 9: mikenjjets (3045)

Seat 10: Mig1517 (1940)

gabefish posts small blind (25)

bayoubetty posts big blind (50)

** Dealing down cards **


masonpark1 calls (50)

gorg0505 folds.

Nutz2big folds.

FlaJackStraw folds.

WOLFEK219 calls (50)

mikenjjets folds.

Mig1517 folds.

gabefish raises (675) to 700

gabefish is all-In.

bayoubetty folds.

masonpark1 folds.

WOLFEK219 folds.

Creating Main Pot with $850 with gabefish

** Summary **

Main Pot: 850

gabefish balance 850, bet 700, collected 850, net +150

Stop and Go

1. You will be first to act on the flop.

2. Everybody but one opponent has folded preflop before the betting gets to you.

3. Calling or checking the bet will not put your whole stack in.

4. You have determined that you are going to play this hand to win it.

5. You are willing to risk your whole stack to win this hand.

6. You would prefer that your opponent fold rather than going to a showdown.

7. You have little or no preflop folding equity.


1. You are in the BB.

2. You are short stacked.

3. You have decided that you must win this hand NO MATTER WHAT.

4. When the betting comes back to you, there is only one person left in the hand.

5. That person’s bet does not put you all-in.

6. You believe that there is 0% chance that you can get this person to fold with an

all-in bet.

7. Therefore call the bet, and push the flop.

Continuation Bet

You are the preflop raiser.

Half pot to 3/4 pot bet.

Most players to continuation bet is 2 or 3. If up against 3 or more, you have to have hit the flop to keep playing.

Missing the flop completely is a good time to continuation bet.

If you have some sort of draw, it might not be a good time to continuation bet, especially if you’re last to act and the flop is checked to you

A good Flop Texture is:

low cards

medium card with a low pair

three widely separated cards

4th St Continuation bet

You are the preflop raiser.

2 players

You act second

Sequence of Play

On the flop: He checks, You check

On the turn: He checks, You bet

This works when you have a draw after raising preflop, but you don’t have a made hand on the flop.

The opponent gives you a free card by checking to you on the flop. If you raise, it gives him a chance to check-raise you out of the pot

i.e. AK on a QT5 flop.

When he checks again on the turn, it is usually a sign of weakness, bet into him to see if you can take it down.

Blocking Bets

Made on the river in order to price the showdown.

what I think is important is the following:

“If you decide that your going to showdown the hand, then price it to ur standards. Lets say your willing to show down the hand for at max 200 chips. Why not just bet it instead of hoping that your opponent will play the way wish. This is a case where aggression doesn’t MAKE you chips, it SAVES you chips. Let’s say you bet 200 and you get reraised to 600. Well you priced what you were willing to play and it didn’t work out for you. If you dont want to pay anymore then you fold out. I think that this is much better than checking and hoping that the opponent prices the bet to your standards.

If the villain has the nuts, he’s going to reraise your river bet in the hopes of getting more chips. If the villain has a marginal hand that’s slightly better than yours, he might fold out because he is afraid of a hand Thais better than his non nuts at the same time, he might also call. But in either case you priced your show down.”

Pricing Draws

Betting your draw on the flop in order to let you control the pot odds


if I raised before the flop, I will almost always bet or raise my draws.

if I’m short stacked, I will just push when it gets to me if I have a strong


Squeeze Play

Player 1 Raises

Player 2 Flat Calls

You bet hard forcing both players to fold their hands


Player 1 does not really have the hand that they are representing. Look for an aggressive player who raises many marginal hands.

Player 2 only calls. A reraise by player 2 does not allow you to try this move.

You must have a tight table image.

Do not try this move if you have already done it once at that table or recently with the same people.

All-in semibluff

A bet you make when the pot gives you a combination of many small things.

I.e. mid pair + OESD.

If there’s as much as a 30% chance that your opponent will fold the hand, the semibluff bet/all in is a good move to make.

Generally: All in with a Pair and a flush draw.

I.e. reraise his flop bet all in with Ac5c on a Tc3c5d board.

Chances are, if you are behind now, you have many chances to win the hand if you are called. In the example above, If the opponent has a pair of Jacks, and calls your all in semi-bluff. You have 9 outs to the flush (he if doesn’t have a Jc), 3 outs to a pair of aces, 2 outs to a set of fives. With 15 outs that’s about 15*4-(15-8) =60-7=53% chance that you win the hand. If you push you could pick up the pot, if you get called, you can still draw to win.

This is a very very strong play.

All-in semibluff fake

Faking the all in semibluff.

You want your opponent to think that you are on a draw of some sort. When he calls he finds out that you weren’t on a draw and you have a real hand.

I.e. Reraise his flop bet All in with Top and bottom pair on a 2 flush flop.

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