Note – SPR stands for Stack to Pot Ratio.

I think a lot of SPR importance is based solely on the texture of the games you are playing in. To say a general statement like "SPR of 13 is bad for top pair" would be wrong, since with aggressive history 13 is an amazing, optimal even, spr for top pair.

I don’t even really see how you could discuss spr as a theory, its just something you should intrinsically keep in mind.

One thing related to spr that I’ve always found fascinating, but difficult to describe:

Poker Strategy seems to involve lots of dualities, wax/wane dynamics. Few examples of these:

– You have a gutshot and an overcard first to act on the flop in a heads up pot, with x dollars in the pot, and effective stacks F(x). If F(x)=x its an easy shove. If F(x)=2x its an easy c/f, if F(x)=4x bet folding or c/rai can be correct. If F(x)=8x then you might bet 3-bet. Its basically a sine wave that decays as x approaches infinity.

– Unbalanced range leveling. Basically whether you decide to bluff someone when its obvious their range is mostly bluffcatchers vs yours. You’ll not bluff if you expect a call given your history, assuming your on that level, or you will decide to use that information as an excuse to bluff even. Your opponent will have to decide what your level F(x) will be. If he feels you’re a str8forward player he’ll set F(x)=1 and fold, but as he sets F(x) to higher and higher numbers his analysis will become basically useless and he’ll simply assume you are bluffing a decent amount and end his analysis right there. Once again, decaying curve.

Anyways I guess when ppl are in quote/unquote "tough spots" that just means that they are not at one of the relative peaks/troughs of the sine wave, and are instead toward the equilibrium point.

This is why 4-bet bluffs are so tough to deal with with 75 and 150bb stacks, and so much easier by comparison to deal with when stacks are 100bb or 200bb deep.

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Why is SPR Important?
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