Fnord provides tons of strategy advice in our community. He put together this list of why folks suck at Limit Hold’em.

You play too many hands

You ignore the size of the pot (including chasing with bad pot odds)

You call 2+ small bets cold pre-flop with unpaired offsuit hands (AQo, AJo, QJo, KTo, etc.)

You don’t raise AKo,JJ,TT

You don’t 3-bet/cap AA,KK,QQ,AK

You fold pretty good hands for 1 bet in big pots

You open the pot for a limp outside of UTG/UTG+1 at a full table.

You think you can push out a flush draw

You play unsuited cards with one big card and a little one

You play suited crap out of position and for more than one bet outside of your blinds

You jam your draws without enough pot equity (callers) and/or with very little fold equity destroying your implied odds in the process.

You raise the flop “for a free card” too often and then proceed to semi-bluff the turn anyway.

You play your blinds too much when facing a raise (particularly heads-up)

You think playing over-cards is your biggest leak

You don’t bet the river often enough

You go all-in

You over-value deception against poor players

You under-estimate how much of your profit comes from AA,KK,AK

You under-estimate how much of your profit comes from players that suck worse than you and fail to seek them out.

You under-estimate the impact and the diverse forms of luck over the short term.

You under-estimate what long term is. 10,000 hands isn’t long-term.

You expect to beat the rake for a healthy rate in any live game smaller than 4/8.

There, I’ve saved you the $30-$50 it costs to buy half of the Poker Books on the market today.

This public service message has been brought to you by the Institute of “If you’re too bloody lazy to read this, you’re probably too impatient to implement it anyway.”

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Why You Suck At Limit Holdem
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