This situation comes up about a couple of times per tourney. You have a hand where you have a late position bettor or raiser on the flop. You call the see the turn and here comes the big over card to the board. You check to see what he will do and low and behold the previous better/raiser throws out a weak bet almost instantaneously. Now you know this joker didn’t hit that ace but what to do, what to do?

Consider check raising if any of the following is true, you hit the ace, you have a strong second pair with kicker, you are drawing to a straight or flush, or there is a good chance he will fold based on his previous play.

Push them all in if you have to have the chips. You will not find a better bluffing situation. Many people including myself would not take the risk against an all in bet in this situation with second or third pair.

I would only call if I have a hand I want to see the river with, say a flush draw, and I know I just can’t move this guy. You can’t bluff someone who refuses to fold, that is the worst poker move in the world. Let me say that again, never ever, never ever, never ever, try to steal from someone who calls everything. One more time, it is really dumb to try to make other players change the way they play to conform to your rules of who should fold and when. You have to play by their rules and everybody’s rules can be exploited for chips

To sum, when the bet smells to high heaven, opportunity knocks.


This preflop situation will come up about every 2 to 3 tourneys, but if you misplay it, you are likely sitting on the rail muttering why cant I ever catch a break.

You are 1 off the button, catch an AQ, raise the blinds your standard raise, the button folds, but the small blind reraises, and big blind goes all in behind him. Do you call all in into that kind of aggression? This is clear fold situation.

The odds having AA, KK out there just went way up based on players actions. Who cares about the statistical odds of preflop hole cards. This is where the mathaholics fall flat on their face playing poker. I can just hear them as they call, ” 65.9 percent of the time, AQ is the favorite preflop, in a three handed pot or I have run this poker simulator for 5 trillion hands and AQ wins this pot 47 percent of the time against the small and big blinds.” If you are fortunate enough to be his friend, now you can listen to how AQ, got beat by AA and KK in the blinds and how rigged online poker is. Nothing but poppycock. You got know when to quit on a hand even if it is the best thing you have seen all night.

I will give you an example from just the other night. I am on the button with AKs, third best hand right? Blinds are 15/30. 2 to my right calls the pot for 30, 1 to my right raises to 120, I call, the small blind goes all in for 1500, 2 to my right flat calls, 1 to my right flat calls. 3 all ins in the early stages. What do you do? I laid it down real quick. Way to much risk here so early in the tourney with odds of really big hands leaving me drawing just to a flush. Here is how it turned out. The first all in had A-10s, the second had KJs, and the third, QQ. Flop comes AQ3. Runner, runner diamonds and KJ takes it down. I think my fold was correct regardless of the outcome. The action dictated really big hands.

As an aside, QQ had a few chips left and really started whining. I shut him up when I told him most of us prefer players who call and go all in with KJ.

To sum up, when action is extremely aggressive preflop in an otherwise normal game, you have to lay em down almost always.


Ok, here’s the situation, you got some ding dong reading all these posts and figures he needs to steal from late position every single time and you happen to be one he’s stealing from. Now preferably, you’re getting hands to reraise, but it doesn’t always happen. So here’s what you do, just type a little message like “are you planning to steal my blind every time, ding dong” or whatever his name happens to be. This will probably put the kibosh on it. You have just announced to the table this guy is stealing and some people will take note, but more importantly, if this guy really is stealing, he will be much more afraid to in the future. Nobody wants to raise pure junk if they think the raise is transparent.

Also, u may choose to shut up abusive players as I do. You know these guys who bitch and moan about some beat and generally berate one of the other players. My standard line is “anyone who makes fun of someone whom they perceive to be playing bad, is dumber than any bad play.” I don’t mind chasing off jerks, but don’t you dare insult my action. They paid to play and they can do anything they want to with their cards.

Lastly, use that chat box to control your emotions. I force myself to type nice hand every time I get beat at showdown. Do I want to? Not always of course, but it is a sincere compliment no matter how bad the beat (it is a seven card game, remember) and it is my way of moving past the hand. I don’t want to let that splinter fester. I find generally being agreeable and polite is the best way to discipline your play.

Using the chat box is one way of creating perceptions at the table without using your chips.


In Summary

Point 1: Tight is right in the first hour of a MTT.
Point 2: Shut your pie hole unless you are eating pie.
Point 3: Play where you belong.
Point 4: Stop telling bad beat stories.
Point 5: Specialize
Point 6 Be a Big Picture Person.
Point 7: Have Some Guts With the Nuts.
Point 8: Two Special Situations to Tighten Up.
Point 9: Thou Shalt Not Steal From the Wounded.
Point 10: Give Yourself 2 Ways to Win Every Hand You Play.
Point 11: Count to 10 Then Begin.
Point 12: Consider the Blinds.
Point 13: Consider the Implications of an All-in Bet.
Point 14: Analysis of the Weak Lead.
Point 15: Thoughts on the Rebuy/Addon Tournaments
Point 16: Analysis of the Strong Lead
Point 17: Let the Biggest Hands Bring Home the Bacon.
Point 18: Ace on the Turn and Chips to Burn.
Point 19: You Got to Know When to Fold ’em.
Point 20 :Use the Chat Box to Your Advantage.

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