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Americas Cardroom Bonus Code

Americas Cardroom Bonus Code FTR1000

When registering a new account, make sure to enter the Americas Cardroom bonus code FTR1000, as shown in the screen shot below. This will ensure you can receive the maximum bonus possible, along with FTR extras such as exclusive money added or freeroll tournaments.

Americas Cardroom Bonus Code: FTR1000

Americas Cardroom Bonus Code: FTR1000

100% up to $1,000 Bonus

Americas Cardroom offers a great bonus to new players of 100% up to $1,000 on their first deposit. Players must make an initial deposit of at least $50 and can complete the bonus by playing either cash games or tournaments. Deposit $1,000 or more now and you can begin earning your $1,000 bonus. Don’t forget to use the Americas Cardroom bonus code FTR1000 when creating your account, as shown above!

The bonus expires in 60 days, so make sure you play enough poker to fully clear it during this time. However, as described below, the bonus is released in increments, so it’s not all or nothing. Any remaining bonus funds after 60 days will become void.

Releasing the Bonus: Incremental

To clear the bonus, play real money cash games or tournaments and collect Award Points (APs). Players unlock the bonus in $1 increments for every 27.5 APs earned. For example, if you deposit $200, you will need to earn 5,500 APs. A full $1,000 deposit will require earning 27,500 APs.

Earning Award Points

You can earn APs by playing in any real money poker game on Americas Cardroom that has a rake or fee. In Americas Cardroom tournaments and Sit & Go’s, you earn points based on how much the entry fee costs. For every $1.00 USD in fees paid, you will earn 5.5 APs. If, for example, you play a tournament that costs $20+$2 to enter, the entry fee is $2. In this case, you will earn 11 RP (2 x 5.5).

Note: “Play Money” and “Freeroll” tournaments do not charge a cash fee, and therefore do not award any APs.

In cash games, things are a little easier. APs are awarded based on the total rake taken multiplied by the AP rate. The AP rate for cash games is $1 Rake = 5.5 Award Points. ACR uses the weighted contributed rake method to distribute points. This means it’s based off of how much you contribute to the pot. A basic example: if you’re playing three handed and all three players contributed $0.75 in rake, they would each earn 4.125 points.

ACR makes it super easy to track your progress. You can see how far you are into clearing your bonus by visiting the “Bonus Progress Bar” under the Rewards tab.

Clearing Rates

This bonus is perfect for small-stakes grinders because the bonus is released in $1 increments. The chart listed in the sidebar offers estimation of how many hands/tournaments are needed in order to clear the bonus amount. Based on tournaments, the bonus works out to be approximately 20% rakeback, as it takes $5,000 in tournament fees to get back $1,000. It is recommended to play cash games to unlock your bonus, because the return rate is much higher.

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