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Bet Victor Poker Rakeback (VIP Programme)

Bet Victor Poker Rakeback Overview

Bet Victor is owned and operated by Victor Chandler, a leader in bookmaking and online gaming for over 60 years. One of the most popular sites in the UK as well as Europe, Bet Victor (formerly known as VC Poker) is part of the MPN Network. With a growing player base, new and experienced players alike enjoy a wide game selection at all levels of play.

BetVictor DOES NOT offer or allow any kind of rakeback. However, BetVictor offers a VIP Programme to reward players.

Bet Victor VIP Programme Levels

Like other popular sites, BetVictor has a well developed rewards program for frequent play. As you play, you earn Action Points (APs). As you accumulate more points, you will improve your status in the Bet Victor Poker VIP Programme. These are the levels that are available with their Action Point requirements:

Bronze: Does not require any action points – it is the default level.
Silver: 250 Action Points per month required.
Gold: 500 monthly Action Points needed.
Platinum: 750 Action Points must be earned within a month.
Diamond: 1,000 Action Points gathered in a month will qualify you for this, the highest tier in the VIP Programme.

How to Earn Action Points

The rules pertaining to Action Point accrual at BetVictor are simple. For every $0.50 you generate in rake or pay in tournament fees, you’ll earn one AP. BetVictor uses the weighted contributed method of assigning rake. This means that the rake which you are deemed to have created in a cash game pot is determined by the fraction of the total pot that you put in yourself. For instance, if an $80 pot is raked $3, and you yourself put $20 into the pot, then you’ll be attributed .25 of the rake: ($20/$80) = .25. So your rake contribution will be .25 * $3 = $0.75. You’ll thus receive 1.5 Action Points for this hand.

Achieving Levels in the Bet Victor VIP Programme

Your position in the VIP Programme will be determined based upon the number of Action Points you achieve in one month. As you hit the point targets for a new level, you’ll be instantly upgraded to that level without having to wait for a new month to begin.

Once you reach a certain level, you must continue to earn enough points to maintain that level month after month. However, there’s a one-month grace period during which you won’t be reduced to a lower level even if you fail to meet the point requirements. You therefore must fail to hit the target two months in a row in order to be demoted back to a lower tier.

Using Your Action Points

There are only two uses for your Action Points in the Bet Victor Poker VIP Programme. Depending on your level, you’ll be able to exchange a certain percentage of them for instant cash at a rate of 5 Action Points per dollar. You can do so from within the “My Loyalty Points” page of the poker software, which can be found under “My Account.” With the remainder of your points, you can buy into selected tournaments at a rate of 100 points per dollar. Thus, your cashable points have a value 20 times higher than that of your non-cashable points!

Check out the chart below for a detailed breakdown of the benefits of each VIP level:

VIP LevelCashable Points PercentageMax Monthly CashRakeback Equivalent
Diamond75%No Limit30.5%

Bet Victor Poker Rakeback Equivalence

As is evident from the chart shown above, your rate of effective returns under the Bet Victor Poker rakeback-like VIP Programme will get higher and higher as you advance through the levels. Microstakes players should be content with the 11.5% return possible right from the get-go. This is in-line with what other sites give to their infrequent and low-stakes players.

As you progress towards Diamond level, you may be put off by the realization that your rewards from the VIP Programme are effectively capped at 30.5% valueback. However it’s important to realize that you can achieve this tier merely by raking $500 in a single month. While some other poker sites offer returns of 40%, 50%, or even higher through their VIP programs, the number of players who actually qualify for such astronomical paybacks is miniscule and probably doesn’t represent more than a percent or two of the player pool. By contradistinction, the maximum 30.5% valueback at Bet Victor is achievable by a large group of ordinary players.

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