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Betfair Poker Download

Betfair is one of the largest online venues for sports betting and casino action. Their extensive network boasts an array of possibilities, allowing players to participate in all manner of events.

And, of course, they offer poker.

Sorry US readers, but Betfair doesn’t accept players with American IP addresses (which is automatically checked by the Betfair download). You’ll have to find somewhere else to place your wagers.

The Betfair download comes in a very small package, weighing in at just over 3MB. It offers a huge range of languages, both European and Asian. The installation process isn’t as fast as it could be, but this is a one-time inconvenience.

The Betfair client itself is simply the Ongame frontend, which is a Java program that can be downloaded for Windows and Mac. It’s great to see Mac support being offered, and whichever operating system you’re using, getting the client up and running is a very intuitive process.

The client surprised us by being one of the best we’ve come across. Aesthetically it definitely hits the spot, with a slick interface in the lobby which also offers great functionality. On the tables themselves, everything is perfectly clear, animations are smooth, and there are some really great looking 3D avatars to choose from. There is no limit on the number of windows open at a time, so users can play as many tables simultaneously as they desire.

The Betfair client is easy to download and install whether you’re on Mac or Windows, and once it’s up and running it’s top-notch. Not only is it intuitive and really functional, but it also looks great, providing the user with the full package!

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