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Betfair Poker Promotion Code

Betfair Poker Promotion Code

When registering a new account, you will see a field to enter a “Promo code/Referral code.” The default Betfair Promo Code for the €1,500 deposit bonus is PKRREG. This should be entered as shown below:

How to Enter the Betfair Promo/Referral Code: PKRREG

How to Enter the Betfair Promo/Referral Code: PKRREG

This betfair promo code isn’t required, but will ensure you receive the bonus on the first deposit, so it is recommended.

200% up to €1,500 Deposit Bonus

Any deposit you made will be doubled, up to €1,500. For example, a €100 deposit will earn you a €200 bonus. Deposit €750 or more to receive the maximum €1,5000 bonus. The bonus must be earned in 45 days, any remaining amount past 45 days will expire.

Note: If you prefer depositing in a different currency, betfair also offers a 200% up to $2,000 or 200% up to £1,200 bonus.

Bonus Clearing Requirements

In order to clear the bonus, you must play real money poker games and earn Status Points. The bonus is released in increments of €10 every time 1,250 Status Points are collected. This means the full €1,500 bonus will be released in 150 separate increments and will require 187,500 Status Points to be earned.

It’s easy to keep track of your bonus by clicking on My Account and Bonuses. Here you can see your Bonus Bar.

Betfair Poker Bonus: Bonus Bar

Betfair Poker Bonus: Bonus Bar

You can see how many hands you’ve played and when the next release of your bonus will be.

Earning Status Points & VIP Club

For every €1 in rake or tournament fees paid, you will collect 25 Status Points. This means a €50+€5 tournament will earn you 125 Status Points.

Keep in mind that by earning Status Points, you will also increase your VIP Club level. In all, there are 13 levels to shoot for, and each level increases the amount of VIP Player Points (VPPs) you earn. VPPs can be converted for cash at the rate of 375 VPPs per €1. This means that if you’re able to collect the full 187,500 Status Points for the €1,500 bonus, you will reach stage 12 and earn an additional 895,550 VPPs. If you convert these to cash, you will collect an additional €2,388!

Note: If your bonus is in £GBP, you receive 30 Status Points for every £1 raked. If you play in $USD, $1 in rake earns you 20 Status Points.

Hand Numbers & Cashback %

Since you need to collect a total of 187,500 Status Points, that means you have to generate €7,500 in rake for the full €2,000 bonus. This means the overall cashback/rakeback of the Betfair poker bonus is 20%, which is below average. However, when you add in the value of the VPPs you will collect, assuming you clear the full amount, this raises the value to 51.84%.

If your main game is $50 NL 6-max, it will take you approximately 166,667 hands. Since there is a 45 day limit, that is an average of 3,703 per day, which would be quite the feat. It’s unlikely to clear the full amount playing below $200NL, but since it’s released in €10 increments, you can grind out a decent chunk at any level.

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