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Betsafe Poker Bonus Code

Activating Your Betsafe Poker Bonus Code

Entering the Betsafe Poker Bonus Code

Entering the Betsafe Poker Bonus Code

Once you create your Betsafe account by following the links here at FlopTurnRiver, you’ll have an important choice to make before proceeding any further. Betsafe, in an effort to offer its players plenty of choice, operates two separate poker rooms. The Poker Black room is a part of the MPN network while the Poker Red room allows access to the Ongame network. We’ve taken a close look at the details of both rooms and recommend that you use the Poker Red room for superior bonuses.

Once you have a Betsafe bonus code that you want to use, go to the “available bonuses” page in your account. Here, you can easily enter the code as shown in the screenshot above.

Welcome Bonus

Once you register with, you have your pick of the Welcome Deposit Bonuses in the Poker Red room. To activate a Welcome Bonus, simply go to the “Available Bonuses” tab in the top right corner of the Betsafe website. There you can enter one of the available bonus codes and instantly activate the bonus.

Enter the bonus code “RED25” to receive a $25 Bonus (200 Player Points needed to clear bonus), “RED75” to receive a $75 Bonus (600 Player Points needed to clear bonus), “RED250” to receive a $250 Bonus (2000 Player Points needed to clear bonus), “RED1000” to receive a $1000 Bonus (8000 Player Points needed to clear bonus) or “RED2500” to receive a $2500 Bonus (25000 Player Points needed to clear bonus).

None of these bonuses require you to deposit any specific amount. As long as you earn the requisite number of points through playing poker, you’ll be good to go. You’ll have to claim a bonus within 30 days of playing your first real-money game. Otherwise, you’ll forfeit the opportunity to take advantage of a welcome bonus.

We recommend using the Betsafe poker bonus code RED1000 for the best value and ease to clear.

The $25, $75 and $250 Bonuses have an expiration date of 90 days, the $1,000 Bonus expires in 70 days and the $2,500 Bonus expires in 43 days. The bonuses are awarded as a whole, which means that you must clear the entire bonus before you receive it. If the bonus is not cleared until it expires, then it will be cancelled entirely.

In addition to choosing a welcome bonus from the codes described above, you can use the code RED11 to receive a free $11 tournament ticket. You’ll have 60 days from the date the ticket is credited to use it in an appropriate poker tournament.

Betsafe Poker Bonus Clearing

Players at Betsafe earn Player Points by playing in any real-money games at the rate of 3.6 Player Points for every $1 spent in rake or tournaments fees. By going to “My Poker Account” – “Bonuses” – “Activated Bouses”, you can check the progress of your bonus, and the amount of Player Points you need to clear your bonus.

If you’ve claimed the $1,000 bonus, then you’ll need to earn 8,000 Player Points to completely clear it. This corresponds to a rake total of $2222. While clearing this bonus, you’ll be getting approximately 45% of the rake you pay returned back to you. Needless to say, this is one of the best rates available on the entire Internet.

If you elect to go with one of the smaller bonuses instead, you’ll still achieve this same 45% rakeback rate. However, the $2,500 bonus is issued at only a 36% cashback rate. This is one of the reasons why FlopTurnRiver recommends using the RED1000 bonus code to unlock $1,000 in free bonus money.

Pore over the information contained on the right side of this page to see how easily you can clear the bonus at your chosen type of poker games. Tourney players can grind out 1,111 $20 + $2 tournaments to unlock the whole $1,000 of bonus. Cash players might want to play 50NL 6-max, which will allow then to earn the full bonus amount in slightly fewer than 50,000 hands.

Remember that you only have 70 days in which to chase the RED1000 bonus. Due to the all-or-nothing nature of this deal, you should think about your playing volume in advance and make sure you’ll be able to put in the required time at the tables to clear the bonus. If raking $2,222 in 70 days is too difficult a chore, it might be better to instead opt for one of the smaller bonuses. Remember that 100% of something is worth more than 0% of a larger thing.

If you scoff at such paltry sums as $1,000, then the $2,500 bonus may be right for you. Just be aware that you’ll only have 43 days to complete the playthrough, and your effective cashback percentage will be somewhat lower than if you choose one of the other bonuses.

Betsafe’s Cash is King VIP program is pretty straightforward, consisting of four VIP levels that provide players with cash back of up to 40%. Three of the VIP levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) are monthly levels, with the Diamond VIP level calculated on a yearly basis.

While players will inevitably earn more Player Points as they achieve higher VIP levels, which will increase their overall cash back, the amount of Player Points earned per spent rake does not change. It equals to 3.6 Player Points for every $1 in rake.

All players who earn between 1 and 999 Player Points per month are eligible for the Silver VIP level. This equates to approximately 8%-12% cash back.

Earning between 1000 and 2999 Player Points per month will get you the Gold VIP level. At this level players can expect to receive between 12% and 16% cash back.

The highest monthly VIP level is Platinum. Players who earn 3000+ Player Points per month are eligible for this VIP level, which provides between 16% and 20% cash back.

The yearly VIP Diamond level requires players to earn at least 72,000 Player Points per calendar year. Reaching the highest VIP level will equate to approximately 30% – 40% cash back.

Cash Back is paid directly to players’ accounts on the 1st of every month.

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