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Betway Poker Promotion Code

Activating Your Betway Poker Promotion Code

How to input the Betway Poker Promo Code

How to input the Betway Poker Promo Code

When you decide to play at Betway Poker (formerly known as Gnuf), a division of Betway, you should use FTR’s links to sign up. When you fill out the form to create your new account, enter the promotion code FLOP to ensure that you’re correctly tracked to receive all the benefits to which you’re entitled.

Welcome Bonus: 200% up to $750

Once you make your first deposit, you’ll automatically begin earning points towards your 200% up to $750 welcome bonus. This bonus requires 100 Loyalty Points for every dollar in bonus, so you’ll need 75,000 points to clear the whole $750.

You’ll have 45 days from the date of your deposit to try to earn your bonus. At the beginning of each calendar month, your points accumulated during the previous month will be tallied up, and a portion of the bonus paid, rounded down to the nearest dollar. Note that depending upon the exact date that you deposit and your playing habits, you may receive the bonus in 1, 2 or 3 distinct pieces.

Betway Poker Bonus Clearing

Betway Poker will give you 10 Loyalty Points every time you pay a dollar in rake or tourney fees. Since you need 100 of these points to earn every $1 of bonus, you’ll be getting 10% cashback while the bonus is active. In order to claim the full $750, you’ll have to pay $7,500 in rake, which corresponds to 75,000 Loyalty Points in your account.

You can meet the conditions of the bonus by playing 7,500 $10 + $1 sit and goes or by playing about 100K hands of 100NL 6max ring games. This bonus is quite difficult to clear. With only 45 days to clear it and infrequent payouts, it doesn’t compare favorably with bonuses at competing poker rooms. Nevertheless, it’s far better to have some bonus than no bonus, so if you’re going to be playing at Betway, be sure to take full advantage of this offer.

Loyalty Club

In order to attract and retain players, Betway Poker has established a five-tiered Loyalty Club program. Your position in this Club will depend upon the number of Loyalty Points you have earned in the previous month. In order to advance to Black, which is the highest level, you need merely rake $200 in a month.

You’ll be able to exchange some of your Loyalty Points for cash as long as you have moved up to at least Bronze level. The fraction of your points you can trade in for cash will get higher and higher as you move up the levels. With your non-redeemable points, you’ll be able to buy into tournaments albeit at a very low rate. Those players who have achieved Black status will be able to get an effective valueback rate of 30%.

Sign up to Betway Poker using the links below to begin clearing your 200% up to $750 bonus now.

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