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Borgata Poker Review


The Borgata was one of the first online poker sites to go live in New Jersey back in November 2013. It uses the Party Poker software, and is also on the New Jersey Party Poker Network. This partnership with one of the longest established poker sites has given the Borgata customers access to one of the better software packages available in New Jersey.

Games Offered

The Borgata software package offers games for every bankroll, and a range of games including Fixed limit and No Limit Hold’em as well as pot Limit Omaha and Limit 7 Card Stud. Hold’em and Omaha games start at $0.01/$0.02 and go up to $25/$50 for No Limit holdem, $30/60 for Limit Hold’em and $5/$10 for Omaha. Seven Card Stud tables start at $0.10/$0.20 and go up to $5/$10.

Also available is Fast Forward Poker, which is the Party Poker Fast Fold format. This is currently available for No Limit hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha with the limits ranging from $0.05/$0.10 up to $0.25/$0.50.

VIP Rewards

While you play at Borgata Poker, you are also part of a rewards system. Every time you play a real money game you earn i Reward Points (iRPs).

For each dollar you pay in rake, you earn 2iRPs, and this system awards partial points in the same ratio.

You can use these points to purchase a wise array of rewards from Hotel Rooms and spa packages to comp dollars and cash rewards.

You can access the VIP store through the Borgata poker client.

License Information

Borgata Poker is licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJ DGE) and was one of the first sites to launch in this newly regulated market.

As you’d expect, the Borgata site has a Zero Tolerance for both Fraud and Collusion, and has a dedicated security team that will close any accounts that participate in collusion and/or fraud.

Software & Interface

The Borgata Poker client offers one of the better software packages currently available in New Jersey. It is a rebranded version of the international Party Poker software that has had some changes made to it to comply with New Jersey regulations.

Lobby View / Navigation

Borgata poker offers two views for it’s Poker lobby, a 1-click lobby, and a more traditional menu version. You can select either type of lobby using a button in the top right of the page, highlighted below:

Both Lobbies have filters to allow you to narrow down which games you wish to play. In the 1-click lobby the filters are more simple, and are limited to Game Type, Number of Seats per table and Game Speed.

The traditional lobby allows many more filters including Buy Ins, Starting Time (for MTTs), Status (also for MTTS) Game Play (Game Speed) and several more.

Regardless of what type of lobby you prefer, You have the option to select Cash Games, fastforward, Sit & gos, Tournaments, Play Money and Casino. These are pretty self explanatory, and for those who don’t know, fastforward is Party Poker’s fast fold poker format.

Also available on the left of the lobby screen are links to the other types of Lobby, Achievements, Friends, Rewards, Account, Cashier and Options.

The Achievements Lobby allows you to keep track of the Video Game like achievements you can earn while playing, as well as any Missions you have completed or are still outstanding.

The friends Lobby lets you see who from your friends list is currently online and what they’ve been up to. You can also manage your profile, Privacy settings and friends list here.

The Rewards lobby allows you to track your rewards status, and links to redeeming your actual rewards.

Your Account lobby shows you the status of your personal account, and keep track of what you’ve been up to. you can also update your personal details and email address here.

In the Cashier Lobby, you are able to organize your deposits and withdrawals using the methods available.

The Options lobby allows you to perfect the table design to one that suits you, as well as organize your tables automatically for when you are playing multiple tables at once. You can also use preferred seating to ensure you can sit in your favorite seat at any table you sit at.

Table Features

The Borgata software allows players to resize tables, which is a pretty standard option these days in poker software. It does however support multiple monitors, which is a lot less common, allowing players to use more than one screen as they multi-table. With options to automatically tile or cascade multiple tables, this package allows players to easily play a plethora of tables at the same time.

With the usual time bank, and players able to select a preferred seat completing the list of what player should expect as minimum from a poker client, the Borgata client ticks all the basic requirements to provide a good experience from the software.

With options to personalize table layouts, including a 4 color deck, players are able to get the feel they want from the package.


The software provides a selection of avatars for players to use to represent them at the table, but also allows players to upload their own image if they prefer.

There isn’t an option to not use the avatars, but they don’t tend to interfere with the action unless you are running a massive number of tables.

Hand Histories

As you’d expect from a long established poker client, it comes with an instant hand history player, allowing players to check any of the action they may have missed. Hand histories are also stored in a text format, but are not currently supported by any of the poker tracking software.

Action & Traffic

The new New Jersey regulations limit the player pool for the Borgata site to just those players who can be verified to be inside the state lines of the Garden State.

This limits the number of players on the site, but The Borgata/Party Poker Network is currently the biggest in the State.

Cash Games

The Borgata client offers cash games from as low as $0.01/$0.02 up to $30/$60 for some games.

With a peak of 604* Cash Game Players the network is the biggest currently available in New Jersey, but the limited player pool does restrict how many tables a player can have up at one buy in level at one time.

*Number from on 24th Jan 2014


With the limited player pool mandated by the State Regulations, it seems that the number of Sit & Go tournaments is one of the first casualties.

While they do run throughout the day, they are few and far between, and players shouldn’t bank on being able to get ay significant volumes in these games.


The Multi-Table Tournament lineup on the Borgata site seems to be targeted towards a higher buy in. The buy ins range from $0.50 up to $200, with some tournaments having guarantees of $50,000.

At the micro level, the majority of the tournaments are either Rebuys, or a form of Turbo. This seems to follow the new Party Poker design across all of their platforms, including their international site.

It’s hard to find a regular speed tournament with a decent guarantee for less than a $20 entry fee, but when you do, the regular and deepstack tournaments have a good structure, and reward good play and strategy.

Fish Rating

With New Jersey now having fully regulated Online Poker, the games have a striking resemblance to the games before the 2006 enactment of the UIGEA.

Both cash games and tournaments are full of fish, and a well prepared and experienced player can expect to earn a profit from these sites.

The lack of poker tracing software also limits the effectiveness of high volume grinders, effectively keeping that style out of the player pool, and so improving it for the average player.

Bonus & Promotions

Borgata Poker Bonus Code

You will be prompted to enter a Borgata Poker bonus code when creating a new account. Entering BONUS600 in this spot will allow you to receive the $600 new deposit bonus (see the below screen shot).

Borgata Poker Bonus Code: BONUS600

Borgata Poker Bonus Code: BONUS600

$20 Sign Up Bonus

You can get a free $20 in cash and bonus just by signing up for the site. After creating your account, you will receive $10 in cash free and a $10 bonus to work through as you start playing. The $10 bonus will clear once you earn 40 iReward Points (iRPs).

First Deposit Bonus

This is a matched deposit bonus that could earn you up to an additional $600! The site will match your 1st deposit with a bonus of the same amount, up to $600. It will be released in 10% chunks, so if you deposited the full $600, you would get $60 chunks as you clear them.

The bonus is cleared at 4 iRP per dollar, so to clear a $60 chunk, you’d need to earn 240 iRP. The iRPs are earned at a rate of 2 points for every dollar in rake. This is one of the best deals for those looking to play poker in New Jersey!

Earning iRPs

You earn iRPs at the rate of 2 iRPs per $1 in rake generated. This is the same in cash games and tournaments. So if you’re playing a $50 + $5 tournament, you would earn 10 iRPs. If you’re playing cash and you generated $1 in rake, you would collect 2 iRPs.

For more details, see our Borgata Poker bonus code page.

How to Deposit

As you can see from the Video below, Borgata currently supports six different deposit options in MasterCard, Visa Card, Online Banking Transfer, eCheck, and the Borgata Online Prepaid Card.

The minimum deposit is $10, and the maximum you are able to deposit at one time is $1,000.

It very easy to use these deposit methods and as you have already had to give your details to set up the account, it’s usually pretty quick as well.

You may run into issues using your credit or debit card if you bank doesn’t support gaming transactions, and this is a policy issue from the banks involved.

Customer Support

The support for the Borgata Poker client is provided by Party Poker, and offers the same options as their own client.

The options to get hold of the customer service team are:


Phone: +1 877 448 5833

Live Support available on their website.

Waits for the support teams have been known to be a little long, but we have tried this recently, and the Live Chat support responded to our query inside two minutes.

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