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Bovada Poker Download

Bovada also supports Mac! Just use our links like you always would, and if you are on a Mac, you will be able to download and install the software. This is great because Mac users were basically excluded from playing at Bovada unless they had additional software… well, not anymore! Bovada is now Mac friendly! Download Bovada now!

The Bovada Poker Download weighs in at just 670 KB but is packed full of features. Once you start the installation process, Bovada will download more files.

The lobby is well-organized which makes finding your game very easy. Bovada boasts powerful filters to enhance your table-finding experience. We also like the fact that your balance is always available in the lobby. Nothing is worse than having to click 10 buttons and then have to visit a website to view your account balance!

The poker tables inside the Bovada Poker Download are slick. We really enjoyed the red theme; it made us feel cool while we were playing poker. The software was responsive and free from lag when the action was on. Another feature we really liked was the ability to use the rabbit cam to see what would have happened if we didn’t fold.

Do you guys like Bovada’s anonymous tables? Our review team was torn. On one hand, they prevent sharks from tracking fish. On the other hand, they seem to take the social aspect out of poker.

From top to bottom the Bovada Poker Download is a good choice. Making it even better is the $1,000 sign-up bonus.


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