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Bovada Poker Rakeback

Bovada Poker is one of the best online poker sites. They offer a sleek interface, excellent customer support, and some nice deposit bonuses. While they do not offer rakeback, players can still earn extra cash through their 100% up to $1,000 sign-up bonus, as well as turning poker points into tournament tickets. So while Bovada Rakeback may not work like other sites, there is still plenty of free money to be made.

To clear the deposit bonus and begin earning your Bovada Rakeback, simply participate in real money cash games, tournaments, and/or SNGs. Bovada will automatically credit your account with the proper Poker Points which will eventually turn into bonus money. For every 5 Poker Points you earn, $1 of your bonus will be released into your real money account. There are six levels of bonus payouts. The first level is after 50 Poker Points are earned, Bovada will credit your account with $10 in bonus money. Below are all the levels:

Level Poker Points Bonus Increment Issued Total Bonus Issued
1 50 $10 $10
2 250 $40 $50
3 750 $100 $150
4 1,500 $150 $300
5 3,000 $300 $600
6 5,000 $400 $1,000

Points are earned in cash games depending on the rake a player contributes to the pot. Those numbers can be found below:

$.05 – $.20 = .10 Point
$.25 – $.45 = .25 Point
$.50 – $.95 = .50 Point
$1.00 – $3.00 = 1 Point

It can be difficult to calculate your exact Bovada Rakeback percentage in cash games, because whether you contribute $1 or $3 you still just earn 1 Point. If you contribute $1 in five different pots, you will earn 5 Points clearing $1 in bonus. This would result in 20% rakeback. However, if you contributed $3 in those pots, you would have paid $15 in rake for just 5 Points, resulting in approximately 7% rakeback. In tournaments and SNGs, players earn 3 Poker Points for every $1 in fees he/she pays. This is a much better rate, as it works on a sliding scale. Players participating in a $20+$2 event will earn 6 Poker Points. This can work out to over 50% rakeback via tournaments or SNGs.

There is one other way to earn Bovada Rakeback, which happens after you have cleared your bonus. Bovada allows players to turn points into tournament tickets. That information can be found below:

$500 Main Event Sat – 40,000
$75 main Event Semi Final – 6,750
$162 ($100K Guarantee) – 14,000
Any $109 – 9,500
$60 ($10k Guarantee DS) – 5,500
Any $11 – 1,100
Any $5.50 – 550
Any $2.20 – 220

If you are a tournament grinder and have paid enough fees to accumulate 9,500 points ($3,167 in fees) then you can earn yourself a $109 tournament ticket. As you can see, this isn’t a great rakeback percentage, but it is certainly better than nothing.

Remember, you only have 60 days to clear as many of the bonus levels as you can, so be sure you are ready to play once you sign-up and deposit at Bovada Poker.