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bwin Poker Bonus

Activating Your bwin Poker Bonus

There’s no need to fiddle around with bonus codes when you want to get a bwin Poker bonus. Instead, you simply need to sign up using FTR’s special links to qualify for your first deposit bonus.

First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $500

Although bwin doesn’t offer any welcome bonus on a regular basis, FTR members can avail themselves of an exclusive 100% up to $500 bonus on their first deposit. Simply sign up through our links, make your qualifying deposit, and the bonus will be automatically applied to your account.

The bonus will release in 10 equal parts, and you’ll need to earn 6 times the bonus amount in Status Points. To clear the whole $500 bonus, you’ll thus need to earn 3,000 points. You have 60 days to earn as much of the bonus as you can.

Bwin Poker Bonus Clearing

You’re probably wondering how to earn Status Points at bwin. These points are based on rake generated in euros. One such point is awarded for every €0.50 in rake or tournament fees. This may be somewhat confusing for players using dollars as their account currency, but the way it works out is that you’ll earn approximately 1.62 points for every $1 in rake contributed or tournament fees paid. This will fluctuate slightly depending on currency exchange rates.

At a rate of 1.62 points per dollar raked and 6 points needed per dollar of bonus released, this bonus is equivalent to getting 27% of your rake paid back to you. To earn the full $500 bonus, you’ll have to pay rake equal to about $1,852, and you will earn 3,000 points while doing so.

Tourney players can play 926 $20 + $2 tournaments to clear the whole bonus. Playing cash games at the $50NL 6-max level will require just over 41K hands to be played. Check out the sidebar on the right of this page to view how much you’ll have to play to earn the bonus at various types of poker. As you can see, the requirements for this bonus are not too onerous, and they are made even better by the fact that it pays out in 10 equal installments.

Be sure to play poker for the 60 days after you make your deposit to begin receiving pieces of your bonus. Although bwin contains a full-featured sportsbook and casino, only points earned at the poker tables will count for the purposes of clearing this bonus. In the bonus section of your account, you’ll be able to monitor your progress towards releasing the parts of this exclusive FTR bonus.

B’inside Loyalty Program

Don’t ignore the points that you’ve accumulated while clearing the bwin welcome bonus. Those points are useful for other purposes as well. As you generate points, you’ll move through the status levels of the b’inside loyalty scheme. Everyone starts out at Green before progressing through White and on to the top level: Yellow. For every Status Point you accumulate, you’ll receive a corresponding Market Point that you can use to purchase poker bonuses, tournament tickets and other rewards in the b’inside market. The amount of bonuses you can purchase per month is capped based upon your Status level, so work your way up to Yellow to maximize your return from this rewards program!

Bwin Poker can offer some nice bonuses, but you must be a member. Make sure to use the links on this page when creating a new account to receive the 100% up to $500 bonus!

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