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Club WPT Bonus

Club WPT Bonus

ClubWPT occupies a unique space in the online poker market. At most sites, the first step to making your millions is furnishing your account with a shiny new deposit. To help incentivize these transfers, online poker sites cook up various deals and promotions to entice your custom. Most popular is the first deposit poker bonus, of which almost every site under the sun has a variant.

This World Poker Tour owned site is one of the outliers. They don’t have a ClubWPT bonus code, because they don’t let you deposit at all. That might seem like a strange way to run an online poker site, but it’s key to the way they do business.

Subscription Based ($19.99 per month)

ClubWPT operates on a subscription based service, which grants access to a group of real money tournaments populated only by the site’s members. Although there are no deposit bonuses, that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of promotions on tap.

Subscriber Promotions

First up are the great deals available to anyone who becomes a premium member. The cost is around $19.99 per month and first and foremost lets you spend Tournament Points buying into money added events. Additionally, members are granted access to cheap Las Vegas guides, exclusive articles, and streaming video of World Poker Tour episodes without adverts. This will be an improvement for many people over the meager gains you’d expect from a ClubWPT bonus code.

Playing poker is all about winning and ClubWPT have more than just cash on the line. Most exciting is the chance to win your way into a full blown World Poker Tour event. These major tournaments are held in America and around the world. They are second only to the WSOP in terms of TV coverage and prestige. Keep your eye out for tournaments that award entry into upcoming WPT seasons.

ClubWPT also give away plenty of physical items during their tournaments. Cash and points may be your stock in trade, but who couldn’t use a nice poker table or some TAG sunglasses to keep your tells hidden? More practical are the chances to win tickets to the WPT Boot Camp training seminars. Take some time to refine your game and then come home and win even more sunglasses.

Serious players will be interested in the Leaderboard challenge. If you’re one of ClubWPT’s best tournament finishers, you might find yourself among the top 1200 on the leaderboard. If so, expect an invite to an exclusive $1000 tournament to be heading in your direction.

You might not be able to get a classic ClubWPT bonus code, but the site’s business model provides peace of mind and their connections to the world’s biggest poker tour grant them unique opportunities for fantastic prizes.

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