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Download PokerStars Instructions

PokerStars is the largest online poker room on the internet today, and with very good reason. It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing that makes PokerStars excel, as every piece of the online poker powerhouse is done extremely well. This is a brief overview of why and how you should download PokerStars and enjoy everything the world’s largest online poker room has to offer, including a £20 welcome bonus.

PokerStars is one of the few online poker rooms to still hold its doors open to US players, which is obviously great news for people in the States, but is also a big advantage for international users, as it means more players and action are offered than on other more restricted sites. Adding to that effect, the PokerStars download runs both on Windows and Mac OS, meaning anybody using any computer from anywhere in the world is free to join in on the fun.

You don’t have to be a genius to download PokerStars, simply follow these instructions and you’ll be up and running with a £20 welcome bonus in no time!

First, simply visit the PokerStars site and click the Download buttons that will appear on the page.

You’ll be asked what to do with a 24.9MB file called “PokerStarsInstall.exe”, which you should choose to save. Once downloaded, run the file, despite warning that it may harm your computer. Rest assured all links on this site are guaranteed safe and virus-free.

At this point you need to choose your preferred language, then agree to the PokerStars download Terms and Conditions, before finally clicking the Install button. Once the installer is finished, PokerStars will automatically launch, and you can click Log In followed by Create New Account.

You’ll be guided through the account creation process which is painfully simple with the new process PokerStars launched earlier this year. Just choose your username, select your country, then under How did you hear about PokerStars? Enter the Marketing Code ‘flopturnriver’.

You will be sent an email with a validation code in it. Copy this validation code, and flick back to the PokerStars client, where you must use the code to validate your email address, under the Account menu. Congratulations, you’re now a PokerStars member!

Now you’re probably happy to download PokerStars without too much thought, but before you deposit your hard-earned money, you want to be certain that you’re going to see it again should the need arise. PokerStars boasts 1024 bit encryption, ensuring that your financial information and funds are safe at all times. Furthermore, they’re regarded as having far and away the best support team of any online poker room out there, so you can be confident that withdrawals from the site will be processed promptly and efficiently.

If you’ve followed the instructions to download PokerStars thus far, then you should see the lobby on the computer, as in this screenshot.

You can load money onto your account via the cashier button located near the bottom of the PokerStars lobby. Remember to enter the bonus code TWENTY when making your first deposit to activate £20 welcome bonus. You didn’t download PokerStars for nothing, after all!

The lobby that you’re now looking at is almost daunting at first, but you’ll be quickly become familiar with it as it’s really quite intuitive. Simply choose your game of choice via the large tabs at the top, be it Hold’em cash games, Tourneys or any of the other options. Then you can sort the tables or tournaments displayed further via the smaller tabs, until you’re looking at just the selection suitable for your preference and bankroll. Advanced filters can be found underneath the list of tables if you really feel like fine-tuning what’s displayed, but otherwise you’re ready to take a seat on a table and finally start enjoying some poker!

It’s a very worthwhile process to download PokerStars when you consider the £20 bonus up for grabs, and rest assured that the software and games will more than exceed your expectations of fun, simplicity and of course action!