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Full Tilt Poker Challenge Tables

We’ve all had dreams of sitting down with the best players in poker, and soul reading them for a massive pot. For most of us, this was nothing but a dream, but Full Tilt Poker have given our dreams a form: Challenge Tables!

The Premise

These tables have a seat reserved for either Gus Hanson or Isildur1 (Viktor Blom) to come and play us lowly micro stakes players, and maybe get shown something new? They’ll sit at one or more of these tables a few times a week, and play all comers. The games are under the “Low” and “Micro” filters on the FTP client, and the tables I’ve found range from $0.05/$0.10 PLO to $0.05/$1 Five Card Draw. Full Tilt do state that the games can be played up to $3/$6.

The Full Tilt website lists games offered as Omaha, Omaha8, Razz, Stud Hi/Lo, Draw Poker Games and Mixed games, but this list isn’t exhaustive, and other games may be spread using this format.

While there is no guaranteed amount of time promised per week for these tables, Full Tilt are advertising these tables pretty hard, so I’d expect to see them in use a fair amount.

The Payoff

There is also the bonus of a free “Ring Game Ticket” if you are sat at the table when Gus or Viktor join. You will have needed to be there for at least 10 minutes beforehand, but you will earn one of the tickets below.

Table Type Ring Game Ticket Awarded
Pot Limit (PL) 50 Big Blind Ticket
No Limit (NL) 50 Big Blind Ticket
Fixed Limit (FL) 25 Big Bet Ticket

Joining one of the challenge tables after one of the professionals has sat does not earn you a ring game ticket, however, you can still earn one, by beating either one of Viktor or Gus in more pots than anyone else playing for that session. The hands have to go to show down with The Professional still being active in the hand at showdown.

If two (or more) players have won the same amount of hands against “The Professional” they will both be issued the prize of a “Ring game Ticket.”

The Roadmap

To find these Challenge Tables, select “Ring Game” sort the tables by name, and take your seat. It’s really that easy. Any table named as “Isildur1’s Table” or “Gus Hanson’s Table” is one of these challenge tables.

The Challenge

Full Tilt have given us the chance to amaze our poker friends with stories of how we took Gus Hanson to Value Town with a flopped flush, or how we rivered a boat to beat Isildur1’s Broadway Straight. Games that were only things we would only ever see on Televised Poker, or in our dreams, have been made available to us. I for one will be sitting down to see how my game shapes up against some of the best.

If you want a chance to expand your poker experience into new games such as 2-7 Triple Draw or HORSE, and maybe run up a massive stack against one of the best players in the world, this could be your chance.

To play at Full Tilt Poker, download the client here!