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InterPoker Bonus

Activating Your InterPoker Bonus

The folks over at InterPoker make it easy to take advantage of bonuses. There’s no need to enter promo codes or send emails back and forth to support. Instead, you simply need to open the poker client, go to the “My Account” section, click on “Bonuses” and claim the appropriate bonus.

Welcome Bonus: Up to $500

Once you make your initial deposit at InterPoker, you can begin to earn $25 portions of your $500 bonus. This bonus is also available in euros and pounds. Players in any currency can receive up to 500 currency units, which is better than at most competing sites, where non-USD currencies have a lower bonus cap. You don’t have to deposit a specific amount to maximize your bonus potential. The free funds will release to your account based upon the points you earn, not how much you deposit.

For every 300 player points you earn, you’ll get a $25 chunk of your bonus released to your real-money account. If you’re using euros, then 420 points will grant you €25, and if your account currency is GBP, then 500 points is good for £25.

Keep playing for 90 days to get as much of the bonus as you’re able to. You must clear each increment within 30 days of clearing the previous one however.

InterPoker Bonus Clearing

Clearing your InterPoker bonus is simple. For every dollar in rake you generate or tournament fees you pay, you’ll get 3.6 player points. Collect 300 points to unlock each $25 portion of your bonus. In order to claim the full $500, you’ll need to earn 6,000 points, which you’ll do by generating $1,667 in rake or tourney entry fees. This is a value-back rate of 30%.

Take a look at the chart on the right side of this webpage to get an idea of how rapidly you can earn the full bonus at different types of poker games. SNG players can play 556 $30 + $3 games in order to fulfill the bonus requirements. Those who prefer cash tables can play just over 100K hands of 25NL FR to do so.

With 90 days to gather as many points as possible, it should be possible for even micro-stakes players to clear the entire $500. It may seem like a while in between earning the $25 bonus portions, but you’ll be benefiting from a nice cashback rate while you do so. The bonus is made more attractive by the fact that it’s not tied to your deposit amount.

Platinum Club

The site also features other offers on a regular basis as part of its VIP program. Every player has the option for some cash payments with the Valueback Deal, regardless of the level being played. VIP Freerolls are also on offer every month along with satellites to live events.

Your VIP level and valueback percentage is determined by your volume. Earn more points during a month/year and increase your VIP level. Earn a single player point to join the Platinum Club at Classic level. As you generate more and more points, you’ll progress through the levels until (hopefully) you achieve Platinum status, which is the highest level possible.

Platinum players get 40% valueback every month. This is on top of other rewards, like invites to live poker events, a personal account manager, and faster cashouts.

Don’t hesitate to sign up through FTR’s links and create your account at InterPoker. Your $500 bonus is waiting for you!

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