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The initial small Inter Poker download file allows you to select which language you wish to play in. With so many options available, you should have no issues playing in any language you desire.

After the obligatory Terms and Conditions agreement page, you have the option to install the software in any location on your computer, a very helpful option for those of us with more software than primary drive space.

The Installer suggests at least 4MB of space is required, but we recommend at least double that to ensure files continue to have space to uncompress during normal operation. On the Pc version, you then have the option to create Desktop and/or Quick Launch buttons for the client. The Client itself takes up over 111MB of hard disk space once fully installed, but we also recommend you leave space to allow files to uncompress after you have installed it.

After installation, the update process kicked in. This actually took longer than the installation process, but after less than three minutes on a decent broadband connection, we were ready to get on the tables.

The process to set up a new user account was also quick and easy. After filling my details into a short online form, all I needed to do was click a link sent to my email address to activate my account, and I was on the tables.

The site was clean, and easy to understand, and the client followed in the same foot prints. In all, this was a very user friendly process that allowed me to get on the tables in a very short period of time, minimised any frustration, and pleasantly surprised me in it’s efficiency.

Start the InterPoker download now!

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