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Juicy Stakes Rakeback (Loyalty Levels VIP)

Juicy Stakes has a VIP program called Loyalty Levels. Loyalty Levels gives players the chance to earn instant rewards in the form of Gold Chips, bonuses, and cash. The type of reward you’re able to claim on a given day depends on the Loyalty Level you’re currently on.

Loyalty Levels

There are 50 Loyalty Levels in Juicy Stakes’ rewards program and each level has at least one tier that you must complete before you can advance to the next Loyalty Level. The higher you are in Loyalty Levels, the more tiers you’ll need to complete before you can advance to the next Loyalty Level.

Every tier you finish yields a reward that is determined by your current Loyalty Level. The rewards you receive for completing tiers increase as you move upward in Loyalty Levels.

You complete tiers by earning the requisite number of Frequent Player Points. The only way you can lose your position in Loyalty Levels is if you fail to earn enough FPPs to maintain your position or advance to the next Loyalty Level in two consecutive calendar months. If this happens, you will fall backward to Loyalty Level 10. Regardless of the number of months you fail to earn enough FPPs, you will not drop back from your current Loyalty Level if you’re on any of the program’s first ten levels.

In general, players in the lower levels of the program are awarded Gold Coins when they finish tiers and move upward. Players in the middle levels win bonuses that will need to be cleared as they complete tiers and advance to another Loyalty Level. Players in the upper echelons of Loyalty Levels are rewarded with cash prizes when they wrap up tiers and move upward through the levels.

Turbo and Super Turbo Tiers

While Juicy Stakes does not require players to complete any tier within a certain period of time, you can increase the number of the rewards you’ll be eligible to receive by finishing them in six days or less. You determine whether a certain tier is “just” a tier, a Turbo Tier or a Super Turbo Tier by the speed with which you complete it.

Turbo Tiers

The tiers you complete within 4 – 6 days are considered to be Turbo Tiers. The rewards you’ll get for Turbo Tiers will be greater than those you would have gotten if it had taken you longer to complete them, but less than those you would have received had you finished them in less time.

Super Turbo Tiers

Tiers you wrap up within three days are recognized as Super Turbo Tiers. Super Turbo Tiers yield the maximum number of rewards that you can possibly get for completing any tier.

Earning Frequent Player Points

You can earn Frequent Player Points at Juicy Stakes by playing in real money cash games and tournaments that you have to pay a fee to get into. You can also earn FPPs by playing designated casino games.

In ring games, you’ll get one FPP for every dollar you contribute to the rake. For poker tournaments, you’ll earn seven FPPs for every dollar you pay in fees. If you play slots, you’ll be awarded three FPPs for every $100 you wager. If you play video poker, you’ll receive eight FPPs for every $100 you bet. You can also earn the following respective numbers of Frequent Player Points per $100 wagered by playing blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Let it Ride and Caribbean Stud in the casino: 1, 3.5, 5 and 5.

Rakeback players earn FPPs at a rate of 50 percent compared to non-rakeback players.

Gold Chips

In addition to being rewarded with Gold Chips in the lower levels of Loyalty Levels, you’ll earn them as you play in real money cash games and fee-based tournaments. Gold Chips can be used to secure free seats in online tournaments at Juicy Stakes.

The more FPPs you earn, the more Gold Chips you’ll have at your disposal because your FPPs convert to Gold Chips. When you have accumulated 100 Frequent Player Points, your FPPs will be replaced with one Gold Chip.


You can enjoy 36 percent rakeback for life when you play at Juicy Stakes. Rakeback is paid out on Thursday of each week. Unfortunately, if you opt to be a rakeback player, you will earn FPPs at half the rate that non-rakeback players do.

200% up to $2,000 Initial Deposit Bonus

Open an account with Juicy Stakes and you’ll be able to claim a 200% up to $2,000 First Deposit Bonus when you make your first account contribution. To get your bonus, click the Bonus Code button and enter the code “1000Juicy” after you put money into your account. Then, click the Redeem Bonus button to activate your bonus.

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