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Ladbrokes Poker Rakeback (VIP Club)

Ladbrokes Rakeback Overview

Ladbrokes Poker is a popular European card room on the iPoker Network, offering internet users the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of poker games such as Texas Hold ‘Em, 5 Card Draw, 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud and Razz 7 Card Stud, with buy ins to suit all poker bankrolls. The site boasts a 8-tier VIP Program, which lays down a framework of rewards for their loyal players. These benefits include such options as exclusive freerolls, instant cash, and monthly VIP rake races.

Ladbrokes DOES NOT offer or allow any kind of rakeback. However, the Ladbrokes Poker VIP Club offers substantial rewards to players.

This service is not for everyone, however. Ladbrokes does not allow accounts to be opened from some 70 or so jurisdictions around the world. In other places, players may create accounts, but might not be able to access the poker room. Be sure to check out the Restricted Territories list on Ladbrokes’ website for more information.

Your Ladbrokes VIP Club level will depend upon how many Status Points you can earn. Read on for more details.

Ladbrokes Poker VIP Levels

Below are the details of each rank in the Ladbrokes Poker VIP Club. The number of points needed per month is in parenthesis.

Knight (0 to 499) – It’s the novice level, with exactly the kind of promotions you’d expect. Everyone starts here, and will remain at this level each month unless they clear 499 Status Points (SP). Knights are still allowed to use their accumulated Poker Points on tournament buy-ins and can participate in a weekly €250 freeroll. Knights earn Ladbrokes Points at a rate of 1 for every SP.

Baron (500 to 1,999) – Players who clear 500 points and reach the Baron tier will find themselves with a few extra rewards. Barons earn entry into the same €250 freeroll as Knights but are also granted access to the Rewards Shop, in which cash, bonuses and tournament tokens are available. Barons will receive 1.1 Ladbrokes Points for every Status Point accumulated.

Viscount (2,000 to 4,999) – The third step on the Ladbrokes ladder, the Viscount tier, offers its members a shot at a weekly €750 freeroll in addition to the €250 tourney available to lower levels. There’s also a VIP SnG available to Viscounts. Players at this level will get 1.25 Ladbrokes Points for each 1 Status Point earned. Viscounts can trade in their points for shop rewards.

Earl (5,000 to 9,000) – At the Earl level, players are rewarded with 1.4 Ladbrokes Points for every Status Point they gather. The €250 and €750 freerolls are open to them as are the VIP SnGs. Earls can purchase rewards from the shop.

Marquess (10,000 to 14,999) – Marquess level grinders gain access to the same €250 and €500 freerolls and VIP SnGs that Earls have. They also can turn in their points for shop benefits. The advantage of being a Marquess over an Earl is the 1.6x Status Point multiplier.

Duke (15,000 to 24,999) – At the Duke level, two new freerolls are unlocked: a €1,500 weekly tournament and a €5,000 monthly event. Players at this level can also participate in the €750 freeroll and VIP SnG that lower levels can use. In addition, these players can take advantage of the shop offerings. Every Status Point is multiplied by 1.8 to generate Ladbrokes Points for Dukes.

King (25,000+) – The rewards at King level are pretty much the same as at Duke level: €1,500, €5,000 and €750 freerolls, VIP SnGs, and shop benefits. However Kings can also participate in a €5,000 monthly race to earn some extra money, and they earn 2 Ladbrokes Points for every Status Point accumulated.

Emperor (125,000 within 3 months) – Ladbrokes’ top VIP tier is the only level that’s based upon your play over the past three months rather than a single month. These elite players benefit from all the rewards open to lower levels, including the weekly €750 and €1,500 freerolls, the monthly €5,000 freeroll, the VIP Sit and Gos, the VIP shop and the €5,000 monthly race. Emperors will be able to spend a lot of points in the shop because they receive 2.2 Ladbrokes Points for each Status Point they earn.

Maintaining Ladbrokes VIP Club Status

There are eight distinct levels in the VIP Club. A player’s level is determined by the amount of Status Points that person has accumulated during one month. Points are checked on a daily basis and players upgraded accordingly, so there’s no need to wait around once you’ve qualified for a higher level. In addition, any new level gained will be automatically in effect for the next calendar month as well.

How to earn Status and Ladbrokes Points

For every $1 of rake contributed to a cash game pot or paid in tournament fees, you’ll get 10 Status Points (SPs). At tables or tourneys denominated in another currency, you’ll get 14 SPs per €1 and 16 SPs per £1 paid.

As you earn Status Points, you’ll automatically generate Ladbrokes Points according to the multiplier in effect at the VIP level that you’ve achieved. So for example, if you’re at Earl level (1.4x multiplier) and you enter a $20 + $2 tournament, you’ll get $2 fee * (10 points/$1) = 20 Status Points. The 20 points will be multiplied by 1.4 to create 28 Ladbrokes Points. It is these Ladbrokes Points that you’ll use to buy items in the VIP shop.

Using Ladbrokes Points

There are three types of reward available in the Ladbrokes Reward Shop: cash, bonuses, and tournament tokens. These benefits are available in varying sizes, and in general, the larger items offer a better points rate than the smaller ones.

Here’s a breakdown of the cash rewards available:


Ladbrokes Points Cash Reward Value per Point
1,250 $7.50 $0.0060
3,250 $25.00 $0.0077
5,750 $50.00 $0.0087
10,000 $100.00 $0.0100
21,000 $225.00 $0.0107
45,000 $500.00 $0.0111
90,000 $1,250.00 $0.0139
130,000 $2,000.00 $0.0154
275,000 $5,000.00 $0.0182
400,000 $7,500.00 $0.0188


And the bonuses on offer:


Ladbrokes Points Bonus Reward Value per Point
475 $5 $0.0105
900 $10 $0.0111
2,100 $25 $0.0119
3,800 $50 $0.0132
7,000 $100 $0.0143
11,000 $175 $0.0111
16,000 $300 $0.0159
32,000 $650 $0.0203
45,500 $1,000 $0.0220
65,000 $1,500 $0.0231
80,000 $2,000 $0.0250


Finally, let’s look at the tournament tokens available:


Ladbrokes Points Tournament token Value per Point
200 €1 €0.0050
375 €2 €0.0053
900 €5 €0.0056
1,650 €10 €0.0061
3,100 €20 €0.0065
4,250 €30 €0.0071
6,500 €50 €0.0077
9,250 €75 €0.0081
12,000 €100 €0.0083
18,000 €150 €0.0083


Note that the tournament tokens are denominated in euros rather than dollars, like the cash and bonus rewards. Despite 1 euro being worth more than 1 USD, they offer worse rates than the other two types of shop rewards. While the bonuses offer the best dollar/point rate, they must still be cleared at a rate of 160 points per $5 within 30 days.

Weekly Booster

In addition to manually trading in your points, Ladbrokes offers a Weekly Booster that automatically converts some of your points to cash. The way it works is that for every 100 Status Points you generate during the week, you’ll get €1 in cash, and 100 Ladbrokes Points will be deducted from your account. The maximum you can earn from the Weekly Booster is €50 per week, and the exchange will take place every Monday.

This rate of €.01 per point might seem attractive to lower stakes players, but grinders who can earn some of the larger bonuses or cash prizes might prefer to instead use their loyalty points in the rewards shop. Fortunately, players must opt-in to the Weekly Booster, so if it doesn’t appeal to you, you need not opt-in. Even if you are opted-in, you can spend your points before the weekly conversion takes place if you’d prefer something from the shop.

Ladbrokes Rakeback Value

Although there’s no Ladbrokes Poker rakeback available, the VIP Club acts almost as a form of rakeback. Because you’ll earn more Loyalty Points per Status Point the higher you climb the VIP tiers, your effect rate of rakeback will increase with each new tier you can achieve.

At the lower levels, it might be difficult to save up enough points to purchase the larger rewards. At Baron level, you’ll achieve returns of only 7% with the smallest cash reward or 12% with the lowest bonus purchase.

But at Emperor level, with a 2.2x points multiplier active, you can get back 41% of the rake you’ve paid by opting for the largest cash payment available in the shop. Alternately, by requesting the largest bonus to clear, you can achieve 55% cashback!

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