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Lucky Ace Poker Download

LuckyAcePoker is a member of the 888 Network, and doesn’t allow any U.S. players at the moment due to legislation in the U.S. They are a lot lesser known than the site they share their network with, Pacific Poker, but that may change. They’ve got a solid player base, and great cash games.

Luckyacepoker.exe is an amazing piece of software in the sense that it only clocks in at 282 KB, which is barely anything at all. One knock on the download software is that it only features one language. However, while downloading from their website, and being given directions during the installation process, there’s little to no chance of confusion, as they do an amazing job of giving you detailed instructions. Even if you do have problems, you’re more than welcome to contact the support staff that will be glad to help you.

The software itself has its good and bad points. The software offers resizable tables, offering multi-tabling for the more serious player, and some customizable options such as changing the background graphics or adding lifelike avatars. However, the lobby navigation is a bit difficult and confusing.

Download luckyacepoker.exe and check it out!

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