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Lucky Ace Poker Bonus

100% up to $400 Deposit Bonus

LuckyAcePoker is a member of the 888 Network, a network that has been around for over ten years. As such, you can expect a great deal of action on that site. It has shown steady growth over the past few years.

LuckyAcePoker features a 100% up to $400 deposit bonus! Be sure to sign up for LuckyAcePoker through any of the referral links on the page to qualify for this exclusive FTR bonus.

The deposit bonus is automatic – there is no Lucky Ace Poker bonus code to add. It’s activated upon making your first deposit.

Clearing the Bonus

Once the Lucky Ace Poker bonus is active, you clear it by playing real money games and earning Bonus Points (BPs). For everyone 100 BPs collected, $10 of the bonus will be released into your account. This means you need to earn a total of 4,000 BPs for the full $400 bonus.

You earn BPs at the rate of 2 BPs per $1 paid in contributed rake or tournament fees. For example, a $10+$1 SNG will net you 2 BPs. If you’re playing cash games and contribute to $1.50 of the rake, you would earn 3 BPs for that hand. While playing you will also earn Status Points (SPs) at the same rate (more on that later).

You can also earn BPs by playing in the Lucky Ace casino, which count towards clearing this bonus as well. Every $16 wagered earns you 1 BP.

All Bonus Points must be earned within 90 days. Any remaining bonus after this time will become invalid.

Clearing Rates & Cashback %

This is a fairly easy bonus to clear, only requiring about 60,000 hands at $50 NL full ring. Adding in the fact that you have 90 days, the pace is only about 666 hands per day, which is definitely possible.

Since you need to earn a total of 4,000 BPs, you will end up paying $2,000 for the $400 bonus. At its base, this bonus is worth 20% cashback, which is fairly low. However, as mentioned earlier, while playing you will also earn Status Points at the same rate. These status points can be converted to cash at the rate of 100 SPs for $1. If you clear the full bonus, you will accumulate 4,000 SPs which when converted will add an additional $40 to your bankroll. This increases the bonus numbers slightly, making it worth 22% cashback.

Freerolls and other Promotions

In addition to initial LuckyAcePoker bonus, Lucky Ace invites you, as a new player, to participate in several freerolls. These freerolls cost absolutely nothing and are a great way to build your bankroll. In total, you’ll have a shot at $4,500 of prize money in these new player freerolls. Referring your friends to LuckyAce will also net you $50 while your friend will be credited with a $25 bonus.

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