Minimum Deposit Poker Rooms

When choosing an online poker room, there are a lot of reasons to consider the minimum deposit options available. You may be a new player and just want to try out the waters without risking any significant amount of money. Maybe you just want to try out multiple poker rooms to compare them and decide where to play in the future, and there is no reason why you have to spend a lot of money doing it.

If you do intend to try multiple poker rooms and want to spend the minimal amount of money doing it, you should keep in mind that many poker rooms have a set period of time, usually 6 months to a year, where funds may be removed from your account if you do not show any activity in that time frame. This can happen if you make a minimum deposit and still have a few dollars lying around after you try out a room and you can’t cash them out, since minimum withdrawal amount are often higher than minimum deposit amounts. So unless you run up your initial deposit or loose the whole amount, you won’t be able to get the rest of your money out, and if you simply forget about it, then you’ll just loose it after a period of inactivity.

Another thing you want to watch out for is the possible discrepancy between the poker room’s minimum deposit and the minimum transfer amount offered by the payment processor. This means that poker rooms can have a set minimum deposit for a certain deposit method, like $10, but the payment processor might not allow transfers lower than $20.

The top poker rooms like ACR Poker all offer $10 minimum deposits on most of the available deposit methods. Some deposit methods have a bigger minimum deposit, but you will rarely find a smaller limit. However, you can make a minimum deposit of just $1 using Ukash at some poker rooms. The most popular room that allows deposits as low as $1 is Bet365.

FTR have compiled the initial minimum deposit requirements of all our reviewed rooms, and provided this low to high sorted list so you can find a room that’s suitable to you. You can start playing some real money online poker with a deposit as low as $1 and start getting some practice at the micro-limit games today!

Of course, some rooms don’t even require an initial deposit to play the real money games. Check out our list of No Deposit Bonus Poker Rooms, which provide an upfront bonus just for registering.