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Paddy Power Poker Rakeback (Paddy’s Power Rewards VIP)

Paddy Power Poker Rakeback Overview

Paddy Power Poker is a great European poker room which is growing quickly in popularity thanks to its software, bonuses and above all its player loyalty scheme. While Paddy Power Poker does not offer straight rakeback, it does have a generous player points system which amounts to the same thing: free cash back in your hand, just for playing poker.

While you’re not competing against the house when playing poker, you can be sure that they’re taking their cut in the form of “rake” from every pot. The Paddy Power Poker Paddy’s Power Rewards scheme is your chance to get some of the money you’re paying to the casino directly back in your hand. This definitely should not be overlooked as the amount of rake you pay can hugely affect your bottom line, often making the difference between a winning and a breakeven or losing player. The great news is that earning “rakeback” through Power Points is simple and easy, all you have to do is start playing!

How much you play at Paddy Power Poker will determine the amount of rakeback equivalent you can earn. You will earn Power Points for each dollar you pay in rake or in Tournament and SNG fees, and the amount of Power Points that you’re able to earn in a one-month period the higher your VIP level will be for the remainder of that month and the entire following month. Players with a higher rakeback/VIP level have access to more and better rewards, including valuable cash bonuses which are bought using your Power Points. The highest two VIP levels are determined not by your monthly Power Points count, but by the number of points earned in a Quarter. Here’s a breakdown of the different VIP levels and the kind of rewards associated you can expect.

Paddy Power Poker Rakeback Monthly VIP Levels

Power One

Every new player on Paddy Power Poker starts at the “Power One” level on the VIP scale. You can use your points to buy $5 and $10 cash bonuses, you have access to the VIP Shop and Milestone Prizes, and you’re eligible for a weekly $250 freeroll tournament. Not bad just for walking in the door, and the rewards get even better the more you play.

Power Two

To earn the Power Two rank you’ll need to collect 500 Power Points in any calendar month. You’ll then maintain your Power Two status for the remainder of that month plus the entirety of the next month, even if you don’t play another hand. The rewards here are bigger and better versions of the Power One rewards: you’ll have access to $75 bonuses as well as a bunch of other more valuable items in the VIP Shop. Power Two players have a weekly freeroll with a larger prize pool of $500.

Power Three

3,000 points are required to achieve the Power Three level, but the rewards keep getting bigger and better. You have access to bigger cash and bonus rewards in the store, with a $250 bonus available. Once again the kind of prizes to be found in the shop and the milestone rewards get slightly better, and Power Three players also have access to a $750 weekly freerolls that lower-level VIP players cannot enter.

Power Four

This is the final VIP Level that’s determined by your monthly Power Points count, and the requirement is 8,000 points. As expected, the milestone rewards, freerolls, shop prizes, cash and bonuses are all that much better. For instance, you can buy a massive $800 bonus. Power Four players also receive entry into a weekly $1,000 freeroll

Paddy Power Poker Rakeback Quarterly VIP Levels

Max Power

Achieving the Max Power level is done by earning 60,000 Power Points, but you have an entire quarter (eg. Jan-Mar) to earn these points rather than a single month, and of course your status is maintained for that quarter and the following quarter. As well as unlocking a $3,000 bonus that can be purchased with Power Points, Max Power players have access to exclusive VIP freerolls and other promotions. They also enjoy a number of other exciting benefits, such as reduced prices on items in the VIP shop.

Max+ Power

The ultimate VIP Level is Max+ Power, and requires dedicated players to earn 300,000 points in any given quarter. The rewards at this level become truly insane, starting with the unlocking of a $25,000 bonus in the Power Points store, invitations to exclusive sporting events and a private VIP concierge service. As well as the best VIP freerolls and promotions, Max+ Power players are also given the best prices in the VIP shop and access to many other exclusive events and services.

Maintaining Your Paddy’s Power Rewards Status

As you accumulate more and more Power Points through playing poker, you’ll begin to move up the ranks of the Paddy’s Power Rewards program. As soon as you achieve enough points to qualify for a given level, you’ll be placed in that level the next day without having to wait till the beginning of a new month.

For the monthly reward tiers (Power One, Power Two, Power Three, and Power Four), your level will carry over to the next month as well, and you’ll only drop down in levels if you fail to earn the required points during that month. Similarly with the quarterly tiers (Max Power and Max+ Power), your status will apply to the quarter in which you’ve earned it as well as the next quarter.

Earning Power Points

Power Points are, as mentioned earlier, earned whenever you play real money ring games or tournaments at Paddy Power Poker. Regardless of your VIP Level, you’ll earn 20 points for every €1 paid in rake or tournament fees. This means you’ll earn more Power Points if you play at higher stakes, and indeed you’ll need to to unlock some of the truly awesome rewards.

Using Power Points

Remember that your points are not only a record of your VIP Level, but can and should be used in the VIP store to buy cash & bonuses or any of the other cool prizes that take your fancy. As if that wasn’t reward enough, Paddy Poker offers Milestone Prizes which reward you for hitting a certain number of lifetime Power Points.

The best rate of Power Points usage comes from buying bonuses in the VIP Store. Each level has different bonuses that they can purchase, and the higher levels can get larger bonuses with a better points conversion rate. Check out the chart below for all the details of the bonuses available:

Level RequiredBonusPoints RequiredDollar/Points
Power One$51,0000.0050
Power One$101,5000.0067
Power Two$304,0000.0075
Power Two$758,0000.0094
Power Three$14012,5000.0112
Power Three$25020,0000.0125
Power Four$50035,0000.0143
Power Four$80050,0000.0160
Max Power$1,50080,0000.0188
Max Power$3,000150,0000.0200
Max+ Power$6,000250,0000.0240
Max+ Power$25,0001,000,0000.0250

These bonuses, after being purchased, must still be cleared. You can do this by accumulating 25% of the purchase price of the bonus in Power Points. For example, if you buy the $30 Power Two bonus that costs 4,000 points, you will have to earn (4,000 * 25%) = 1,000 Power Points to fully release the bonus. The bonus funds will be issued to you in 10 equal installments, and you’ll have 180 days to fulfill these requirements.

If you can’t be bothered to earn more points and you wish to receive cash immediately to your account, you have the following options:

Level RequiredCashPoints RequiredDollar/Points
Power One$51,5000.0033
Power Two$154,0000.0038
Power Two$408,0000.0050
Power Three$7512,5000.0060
Power Three$13020,0000.0065
Power Four$25035,0000.0071
Power Four$40050,0000.0080
Max Power$75080,0000.0094
Max Power$1,500150,0000.0100
Max+ Power$3,000250,0000.0120
Max+ Power$6,000425,0000.0141
Max+ Power$15,0001,000,0000.0150

As you can see, you’re only earning about half as much value from your points with the cash payments as you would from purchasing bonuses. Nevertheless, there are some times when no-strings money is what you want, and Paddy Power certainly has winning options for you in this case.

In addition to cash and bonuses, you can purchase an assortment of physical merchandise in the shop. There are luxury watches, iPhones, televisions, laptops and even a Lamborghini! The higher your level in the Paddy Power Poker Paddy’s Power Rewards plan, the better the price you’ll receive on these items.

Remember to use up your Power Points within 12 months of having earned them. Otherwise, they will expire.

Paddy Power Poker Rakeback Percentage

You can achieve the best Paddy Power Poker rakeback rewards by getting to as high a level in the VIP program as you can. The rates of return are highest when you’re able to get the largest cash bonuses from the shop.

At the Power One level, you’ll be able to trade in 1,500 points (rake €75) to get a $10 bonus. The fact that the points are awarded for rake in euros while the bonus is denominated in dollars makes the calculations a bit difficult, but you’ll be getting back about 12% of the rake you’ve paid at this level.

At Power Two, you get the ability to exchange 8,000 points (rake €400) for a $75 bonus. This works out to about 16% returned back to you.

At Power Three, you can turn 20,000 points (rake €1,000) into $250 in pending bonus, for about 22% cashback.

At Power Four, a bonus of $800 can be yours for the price of 50,000 points (rake €2,500). This works out to approximately 28% rakeback.

At Max Power level, the size of your bonus jumps up to $3,000, and it costs 150,000 points (rake €7,500). You’ll be earning somewhere around 35% valueback.

Finally, at the top of the heap, players at Max+ Power tier can take advantage of a bonus that costs an even million Power Points (rake €50,000). It’s worth $25,000, effectively returning back to you close to 44% of your rake paid.

Hit the tables today and enjoy the fantastic loyalty rewards offered by Paddy Power Poker!

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