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Paradise Poker Bonus Code

How to Claim Your Paradise Poker Bonus Code

Paradise Poker is one of the pioneers in the online poker game, and is still one of the most well known poker rooms on the internet today. Although it was initially a standalone site, Paradise now calls the Ongame network home. Enter your Paradise bonus codes in the poker software by going to “My Poker” and “Bonus Summary” and putting your code in the appropriate field.

Sign Up Bonus: Up to $1,000

Use the code BONUS1000 by following the steps described above to qualify for a $1,000 sign up bonus! The size of the bonus you’re awarded depends upon your play within 60 days of signing up, not upon the amount you deposit.

Your bonus will be paid out to you in $20 installments every time you accumulate 200 Frequent Player Points (FPPs). One thing you’ll have to do to ensure that your bonus is properly tracked is opt into the Paradise Poker loyalty scheme in the “My Poker” section of the poker client. Only points earned after opting in will count towards clearing your bonus. To release the maximum possible $1,000 in bonus funds, you’ll need to collect 10,000 FPPs.

In addition to this bonus, you’ll get a ticket to the $1,000 New Player Freeroll upon making a deposit and playing your first hand of real-money poker.

Paradise Poker Bonus Clearing

As mentioned above, you’ll have to earn 200 FPPs to clear every $20 of bonus. For every dollar in rake or tournament fees you pay, you’ll receive 3.6 FPPs. This means you’re paying $55.55 in rake for every $20 awarded to you, for a cashback rate of 36%. This high rate compares favorably with the typical rates of bonus clearing at other online poker sites. If you manage to clear the entire $1,000, you will have earned 10,000 Frequent Player Points by raking a total of $2,778. Be sure to concentrate your play within 60 days of signing up because any points accrued after this time will not unlock any more bonus increments.

Tournament players can play 2,778 tourneys with a buyin of $10 + $1 to clear the entire bonus. Cash game specialists can instead grind out a bit more than 50K hands at the 100NL full-ring tables to accomplish the same feat. Take a good look at the bonus clearing numbers on the top-right of this page to see how rapidly you can fulfill the bonus requirements at your game of choice.

Although the bonus intervals are somewhat spaced out at $20 each, the superb clearing rate of this offer should more than compensate for this fact. Even microstakes players should see some good rewards by opting to participate in the BONUS1000 promotion.

Player Rewards

As if 36% effective rakeback was not enough, you’ll also receive benefits from the Player Rewards Program once you opt in to it. There are five VIP levels based upon your playing volume every month and another three levels that reward players who average a certain number of FPPs earned over a 12-month period.

Every FPP you earn will be multiplied by a factor that increases as you move up the rewards program, and you will receive Store Points according to this multiplier. You’ll be able to convert your Store Points to cash thus gaining extra value. Players at the Yearly VIP 3 level can get up to 40% value back from this arrangement!

Sign up to Paradise Poker using FTR’s links and take advantage of the $1,000 bonus and Player Rewards program. Making money has rarely ever been this easy!

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