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PKR Bonus Code

Using Your PKR Bonus Code

The launch of PKR poker brought a lot of excitement to the online poker world. PKR demonstrated their ability to implement some very lifelike 3D graphics, all while maintaining a reputable spot in the online poker industry. If you want to try out the unique poker experience available at PKR, follow our links to sign up. Remember to input a bonus code whenever you want to take advantage of any first deposit or reload bonus so that you don’t miss out on any free bonus funds.

First Deposit Bonus: 200% up to $1,000

Upon making your first deposit at PKR, you can get 200% up to $1,000 in bonus by entering the code 200PKR. Your bonus will be divided into 100 equally sized parts. You’ll earn them out at a rate of 400 PKR Points per bonus dollar. If you max out the bonus at $1,000 by making a $500 deposit, then you’ll get a $10 portion of it every time you achieve 4000 points. This bonus expires 60 days after you make your deposit, and any uncleared bonus will be lost.

In addition to your bonus, you’ll get entry into freerolls with $2,000 prize pools, 1,000 free PKR points, and entry into the Club PKR rewards scheme.

PKR Bonus Clearing

You can earn PKR points to unlock your bonus by playing real-money cash games and tournaments. For every $1 in rake or tournament fees you pay, you’ll get 100 points. Because you need 400 points to clear every dollar of bonus, this works out to a rakeback equivalent of 25%. In order to fulfill the conditions of the maximum $1,000 bonus amount, you’ll have to earn 400,000 points by generating $4,000 in rake. As you earn these points, your bonus will pay out in increments equal to 1% of the total bonus amount.

If you’re interested in playing SNGs to earn the $1,000 bonus, you’ll have to play 2,000 $20 + $2 SNGs. Cash games might appeal to you better than tournaments do, in which case you can meet the wagering totals by playing about 75K hands at 100NL Full Ring. The handy chart on the right side of this page will let you know how much you’ll have to play at various stakes and games before the bonus conditions are satisfied.

Due to the frequency with which bonus increments are paid, it should be no problem to achieve positive returns with the PKR 200% first deposit bonus. Even if you play a small volume or for trivial stakes, you can almost assuredly earn a couple of bonus payments. Remember that your bonus will expire in 60 days, so schedule your playing time wisely to earn as much as you can within two months.

Club PKR

The PKR points that you earn will enable you to move up the levels of the Club PKR loyalty program. Unlike at most online poker rooms, you can’t ever lose your level. Your position in the Club is based upon lifetime play, not play during a month or a year.

The lowest level in this program is called “Member” while the highest is “Diamond.” The benefits offered include birthday gifts, free tourney tickets whenever you increase in level, freerolls, cash rewards and more! At the Diamond level, which you can achieve with $25,000 in lifetime rake, you’ll even get gifts and hospitality arranged by the PKR team.

Take advantage of these great offers today and experience a one-of-a-kind software that you’re bound to appreciate! Make sure to use the links on this page and the PKR bonus code 200PKR when making your first deposit!

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