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PKR Download

PKR is one of a kind in the online poker world. They were the first online site to release their software in a complete 3D environment. From the table, to the players, everything is 100% customizable which adds a whole new dimension when playing online poker.

When creating an account at PKR, you have your own character that you can adjust and make unique from anyone else’s. You can also use PKR points you earn while playing for real money to upgrade him/her. There are also emotes and table chat while playing that is unique, and all characters are animated. This is makes playing online poker like a video game!

The PKR Software Download is pretty small at 804 KB and can be downloaded in just a matter of seconds. However, once you install it, it begins to download the entire software. The total required file size is around 600 MBs and it took me over 20 minutes on broadband connection before everything was complete and upgraded. That being said, they require you to have a pretty fast computer and a broadband connection to play. You can also request a CD to be mailed to you.

The PKR website is available in 11 different languages, but the actual install file and software is only in English. Since they do not accept US players this is a pretty disappointment for the non-English speaking players.

PKR has perhaps the most interesting software, and is quite innovative. However, with all of these innovations, the site does gobble up a good deal of memory and can run very slow at times. Their interface is very flashy, giving the vibe of a televised poker tournament, and their tables are the same, as their tables use 3D animated players, as well as a 3D dealer. It gives the game a really cool feel, as your animated character mimics your decisions at the table. PKR gets an A for presentation. However, as I said, it does take up a lot of memory and can lag quite often. Don’t let that deter you from playing on PKR, as it still has a lot to offer.

The PKR download is something you should try out because it is different than any other online site today. If you live outside of the United States and want to give something new a try, check out the PKR software download!

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