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Poker Heaven Bonus Code

Note: The Poker Heaven bonus described on this page is offered through the MPN network. Since Poker Heaven is a multi-network poker room, their Ongame bonus will be different. Check their website for full details.

Poker Heaven Bonus Code: WELCOME

New players looking to receive a deposit bonus should use the Poker Heaven Bonus Code WELCOME upon making their first deposit. This will activate a €1,000 bonus, described below.

200% up to €1,000 Welcome Bonus

Your first deposit at Poker Heaven will be doubled, up to €1,000! Deposit €500 or more for the full €1,000 bonus. The bonus will be released in 1% increments, so €10 for the full amount. Players have 60 days to earn the full bonus.

Don’t forget to use the Poker Heaven bonus code WELCOME upon making your deposit, shown above to activate the bonus.

Clearing the Deposit Bonus

To clear, 68 Loyalty Points are required for each €1. So this means each €10 increments will be released upon earning 680 Loyalty Points. The full €1,000 will require 68,000 Loyalty Points.

Players earn 10 Loyalty Points for every €1 in rake/tournament fees paid.

How Long Will it Take to Clear the Bonus?

It will take a while even at higher stakes. At $100NL, you can expect to have to grind between 90,000 – 128,000 hands depending if you play 6-max or full ring. $50NL players will need 150,000 – 200,000 hands. This will be impossible to fully clear given the 60 day limit. However, since it’s released in increments you should be able to partially clear the bonus.

What is the Bonus Worth?

Based on the clearing details above, it will cost €6,800 to earn the 68,000 points. This comes out to 14.71% cashback, which is below average.

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