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Poker Heaven Rakeback (Loyalty Program VIP)

Poker Heaven Rakeback Loyalty Program Overview

Poker Heaven is one of Europe’s most well-regarded poker rooms. It is part of two poker networks: MPN and Ongame. Players can thus choose the tables and software that they prefer the most. Packaged with the poker room is a casino which means recreational poker players will be there to gamble. All the extra money generated by the casino seems to translate into solid poker promotions.

Here at FlopTurnRiver, we’ve examined the details of both the MPN and Ongame Poker Heaven sites, and we’ve determined that the MPN offering is slightly the better of the two. In order to make this decision, we’ve looked at the bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs, which vary between the MPN room and the Ongame one. Therefore we’ve described below the details of Poker Heaven’s Loyalty Program on the MPN poker site. If you’d rather play at the Ongame tables, be aware that the loyalty rewards are different.

There has been a lot of hullabaloo in the Internet poker industry about rakeback, with some going so far as to say that they won’t play at a site without rakeback. This attitude is shortsighted; what matters is the total rewards returned back to the player, not the distinctions between rakeback and other forms of cashback. While there’s no Poker Heaven rakeback directly offered, the Loyalty Program acts as effective rakeback, granting back to you a percentage of the rake you pay on a monthly basis.

Poker Heaven Loyalty Program VIP Tiers

Unlike many of its competitors, the Poker Heaven Loyalty Program is simple and easy to understand. There are only four straightforward levels, which are determined based on your monthly loyalty point accumulation:

Bronze: Everyone is placed in this level by default. They will be rewarded with 10% cashback.

Silver: Earn 500 loyalty points to advance to Silver. You’ll receive 15% cashback.

Gold: Accrue 1,000 loyalty points to gain Gold status. The cashback rewards at this level are equal to 20%.

Platinum: Earn a minimum of 2,000 points at the tables to advance to the highest level, Platinum. A cashback rate of 30% is your due if you can achieve Platinum.

Earning Loyalty Points and Climbing the Loyalty Program Ranks

For every dollar in rake or tournament fees you pay at Poker Heaven, you’ll get 10 loyalty points. It is your monthly total of points that will determine your placement in the Poker Heaven Loyalty Program. Once you achieve the points needed for a particular tier, you’ll advance to that tier instantly. One unusual wrinkle is that your monthly points total will run from the 2nd of a month to the 2nd of the next month rather than from the 1st to the end of month.

There’s a grace period of one month at Poker Heaven. This means that once you earn a particular Loyalty Level, you’ll be granted this status for the month in which you earn it as well as the entirety of the next month. Only if you fail to achieve the necessary point totals in the next month will you fall back to a lower level.

Using Your Poker Heaven Loyalty Points

A certain percentage of your loyalty points are cashable, depending on your Loyalty Program level. At any time that you possess at least 30 cashable points, you can exchange them for cash by clicking on “My Points” within the poker software and following the directions given therein. If you have cashable points remaining on the first of a month, they will automatically be converted to cash for you provided that you have at least 30 of them. The exact rate of points conversion will vary based on exchange rates because the points are awarded based on dollars raked while the cashback is given in euros. Nevertheless, there shouldn’t be too much variation from day to day.

The reason that Platinum offers such a higher percentage of valueback than Bronze is that Platinum players can cash in almost all of their points whereas Bronze players may only exchange around one-third of their total loyalty points. With your non-cashable points, you can buy into selected tournaments, but the rate of return by doing so is nugatory. Your non-cashable points will expire after 180 days, so use ’em or lose ’em.

Poker Heaven Rakeback Returns

By participating in the Loyalty Program you’ll receive what amounts to Poker Heaven rakeback on your play at the tables. The 10% offered to Bronze level players is quite respectable as far as microstakes rewards go. Serious grinders may be put off somewhat by the relatively low 30% cashback offered to Platinum players, but it’s important to remember that players can achieve Platinum merely by accruing 2,000 points (rake $200) in a month. It’s therefore very easy, compared to other poker sites, to line yourself up to receive the maximum rewards at Poker Heaven!

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