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Poker Host Bonus

100% up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus

New players at Poker Host will receive a 100% up to $1,000 bonus on their first deposit. There is no Poker Host bonus code required. Your first deposit will automatically enable the deposit bonus, which is a match, up to $1,000. For example, a $500 deposit would activate a $500 bonus.

$250 New Depositors Freeroll

All first time depositors also receive 4 free entries to the $250 New Depositors Freerolls. These freerolls run every Saturday at 12:05 PM ET and are restricted to players who made their first deposit in the past 30 days. With one deposit, you can play in all 4 for the month, which adds an additional $1,000 in value to your deposit.

Terms & Conditions

The Poker Host deposit bonus is for new players only and must be fully cleared within 60 days of your deposit. You can view the progress of your bonus in the cashier of the poker client.

Clearing Requirements & Earning Loyalty Points

The bonus is released in $5 increments every time you generate 137.50 Loyalty Points. This means the maximum $1,000 bonus would be released in 200 separate increments and would require a total of 27,500 points.

Loyalty Points are earned at the rate of 5.5 per $1 paid in rake or tournament fees. This is easy to calculate in tournaments, a $30+$3 MTT would generate 16.5 points.

Cash games are a bit more complicated. Poker Host uses a weighted contributed rake method to distribute points. This simply means points are earned based on how much you contribute to the pot. For example, if three players play a pot where PlayerA contributes $50, PlayerB $20, and PlayerC $50, the total pot size would be $120 with PlayerA contributing 41.67%, PlayerB 16.67%, and PlayerC 41.67%. The rake would be $3, for a total of 16.5 points. So PlayerA would receive 6.875 points, PlayerB 2.75 points, and PlayerC 6.875 points. If you fold a hand and contribute nothing to the pot then no points are earned.

Hand Requirements & Cashback %

You can see approximately how many hands the full $1,000 bonus will take to clear in the right sidebar. If your main game is $100NL full ring, it would take ~94,340 hands to clear. Keeping in mind the 60 day limit, you’d have to play at a pace of 1,572 hands per day to meet it. It will be hard to clear the full $1,000, but still valuable since it’s released in $5 increments.

Using tournament fees, the overall cashback/rakeback of the bonus comes out to 20%.

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