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Red Kings Poker Review


Red Kings Poker is one of the fastest growing poker sites on the net right now. You can expect to find all your favorite poker styles, including Texas Hold’em, 7-card Stud (Hi-Lo), Omaha (also Hi-Lo), and 5 Card Draw. Games vary between No-limit, Pot-limit, and Fixed-limit cash games. They offer many single and multi-table tournaments, plus plenty of Sit & Go tourneys to satisfy their increasing traffic.

RedKings Poker operates on the OnGame network, a favorite of many higher stakes players. Because of this, soft competition is more likely to be found in lower limit cash games. Nevertheless, you’re bound to find some action at RedKings due to the high player volume the OnGame network delivers.

Operating on the OnGame network and software platform also has other perks. This solid base has allowed them to craft a client that provides ease of use, reliability, and fantastic graphics. The action at the tables is relatively smooth with very few delays. The only real slow down occurs when players take time to make their decisions.

Great software, game selection, and action are all reasons to make RedKings your next poker room.

Software Interface/Usability

One of the first most noticeable and impressive features of Red Kings Poker’s software is the Quick Seat screen, a wizard used to rush players to a table of their established preferences. You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a table that suits your desires because you can pre-select your game type, limit preference, stakes, and RedKings will automatically sit you down at a table that matches what you’re looking for. Some advanced players may like to be more selective about which table they decide to sit at (in which case this tool may not be very helpful) but if you’re a new player or just looking for a fun quick game, this is a handy option to have.

One of RedKings Poker’s nicest features is that they offer a web-based Java version of their software. This is especially nice for non-Windows operating systems. Players who use a Macintosh or Linux won’t have a problem and even Windows users may find it handy if they are at work or traveling. The downloaded software is the ideal way to play, however, as certain features like player notes and stats are not included in the Java app. The graphics are also much better in the downloaded version.

One of the most innovative services offered by RedKings is their real-money mobile poker application. This application allows a user to play in their favorite games via their cell phone or PDA, as long as they can connect to the internet.

The graphics tend to be very clean and crisp, and are very pleasing to the eye. The avatars, though non-animated, are very rich in detail and interesting to look at. The ability to incorporate such fine graphics with very little lag when switching screens is impressive. This interface is simple and easy to grasp, with little confusion when trying to navigate through the software’s features. The manner in which the games are laid out in the lobby is another bonus. The text is easy to read and the games are separated clearly, making everything that much easier to find.

One major annoyance occurs when visiting the cashier from within the software. The program minimizes, kicks you out, and brings up a web browser window to handle cashier and account functions. Similar poker rooms have the cashier tools and activities built into the software’s interface. To make matters worse, the website it brought us to insisted on flashing back and forth between two different sites. Similar problems occurred when clicking the support button.

RedKings software is updated regularly, causing occasional downtime, but it is kept at an absolute minimum to ensure your satisfaction. Truth be told, the association of RedKings with the OnGame network is enough to ensure the trust of many poker players around the world.

Poker Room Action

Action at Red Kings Poker isn’t scarce. Games can be found in all limits and poker tournaments. You’ll find thousands of players online at any given moment, including non-peak times. With that said, most of the traffic is concentrated among low stake No Limit Hold’Em games.

Along with the large volume of traffic you will also find thousands of games to participate in. Red Kings has it all: cash games, tournaments, and Sit and Gos. Another action booster is the fact that the software is now available in 25 different languages, giving people from all over the world a chance to experience poker at

One major downside is definitely the lack of the US market. If you are located in the United States you will not be able to play at RedKings.

Ease of Game, Ease of Making Money, Fish Rating

Compared to other online poker sites, you will find the games to be fairly easy at Red Kings Poker. In our experience with the lower stake games ($100 nl and below) we have to say that OnGame/RedKings is near the top when it comes to the fish factor. You will run into some regulars, but even they can be easily exploited. And the fish aren’t just fish, they’re whales! You really can’t go wrong here because not only do they have a ton of action, they have some of the softest games today.

Now if they would only accept US players again….

Signup Bonus Codes and Promotions

Along with impressive traffic, Red Kings Poker offers some pretty tantalizing promotions. Players who sign up through FTR will be rewarded with an exclusive bonus of 1000% up to $2000! You must make sure that you use the links on this page and enter the Red Kings Poker signup bonus code FTR2K when creating your account. If that bonus doesn’t strike your fancy, take a look at your other options.

Incremental Bonuses:
HEARTS250 – Earn $10 for each 120 Player Points you receive, up to $250. 90 day time limit.
DIAMONDS 500 – Earn $50 for each 500 Player Points you receive, up to $500. 55 day time limit.
KINGS1000 – Earn $100 for each 900 Player Points you receive, up to $1,000. 40 day time limit.

Fixed Bonuses:
KINGSIZE1250 – 100% bonus up to $1,250. Earn 10x the player point value for each dollar of your initial deposit. 30 day time limit.
KINGSIZE2000 – 100% bonus up to $2,000. Earn 9x the player point value for each dollar of your initial deposit. 30 day time limit.
KINGSIZE2500 – 100% bonus up to $2,500 Earn 8x the player point value for each dollar of your initial deposit. 21 day time limit.
FTR2K – 1,000% up to $2,000, exclusively for users. 22 day time limit.

In order to clear and redeem the complete bonus, players must earn the required amount of frequent player points within the given time frame. For instance, you have 22 days to clear the FTR2K bonus.

You earn points for playing real money and tournament games. For every $1 you pay in tournament fees, you will earn 3.6 Player Points. The number of points you earn at cash games depends on the stakes you are playing and the number of players involved in the hand. Check out our bonus clearing section for more details. The $2000 bonus may be obtained by getting 8x the bonus in RedKings Poker Points. In other words, to collect the full bonus amount you must earn 16,000 points.

If a player fails to earn the required points within 22 days they still have an amazing opportunity to make some cash. Since this is an incremental bonus, the bonus is paid out in 2 installments of $1,000 each. Here’s how it works:

1st Increment = $1,000 – released when you hit 8,000pp.
2nd Increment = $1,000 – released when you hit 16,000pp.

There are also a few other special promotions to earn some extra money at RedKings, like the $300 bonus for getting pocket red kings and the $500 bonus awarded if your red kings lose at showdown. There’s also a weekly points race and a schedule of freerolls ranging from $50 to $500. If you refer a friend to Red Kings, both you and your friend have the opportunity to make up to $300 from the refer-a-friend bonus!

The rewards don’t end there. With every point you generate at the tables, you’ll be working towards improving your status in the Red Kings VIP Club. Depending how high you go in this Club, you may qualify for special freerolls, exclusive live event invitations, and even the ability to join Team Red Kings! You’ll be able to spend your points in the store to buy electronic merchandise, tournament tickets, Red Kings clothing items, and more. If you’re able to make it to Royal VIP level by earning an average of 20,000 points per month over a 12-month period, then you’ll get rewards approximately equal to 40% rakeback.

Click here to join Red Kings Poker!

Customer and Technical Support

Red Kings Poker provides 24/7 support, 365 days a year. It can be reached via telephone, email, and live chat. They also provide a thorough Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) that can address many issues without having to contact support. An email response time test saw a returned email answer in roughly 20 minutes. The reply was helpful and the responder was thoroughly hospitable.

Telephone: +1-647-724-0264
Fax: +1-760-542-6015

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