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RedKings Poker Signup Bonus Code

Using Your RedKings Poker Signup Bonus Code

RedKings is part of the Ongame network, known for having some of the softer games in online poker. Players of all stakes choose Ongame as their network of choice, and with RedKings’s interesting promotions and excellent traffic, it is easy to see why. In order to use the exclusive Red Kings signup bonus code, available only to FTR members, sign up using our links and enter FTR2K in the field shown above. In order to use other sign up offers or reload bonuses, you’ll have to enter the appropriate code at the time you make your deposit.

Signup Bonus: 2000% up to $2,000

Using’s exclusive RedKings Bonus Signup Code FTR2K, you will have the chance to earn an amazing 1000% bonus up to $2000! This means that you only have to deposit $200 to earn $2000 in bonus money! Simply click on any of the RedKings referral links on this page and enter the RedKings Bonus Signup Code exclusive to FTR2K.

To earn the full RedKings Signup Bonus, you must earn 8 RedKings Poker Points for every $1 in bonus money before 22 days is up. This means that to earn the full $2000 bonus, you must receive 16,000 RedKings Poker Points. What makes this bonus offer so special is that it’s an incremental bonus. This means that you can still earn bonus money if you’re unable to earn the full 16,000 poker points! The bonus money is paid out in two chunks. Here’s how the payout structure works:

1st Increment = $1,000 – released when you hit 8,000pp.
2nd Increment = $1,000 – released when you hit 16,000pp.

Although we always try to get the best possible deals for you, the player, we realize that it may be too difficult for you to complete the terms of the FTR2K bonus especially given the short time frame. Rest assured that you can instead use one of RedKing’s standard bonus offers instead. Check out the details of these bonus codes:

HEARTS250: $10 per 120 player points up to $250; 90 days
DIAMONDS500: $50 per 500 player points up to $500; 55 days
KINGS1000: $100 per 900 player points up to $1,000; 40 days
KINGSIZE1250: 100% up to $1,250; 10x points requirement; 30 days
KINGSIZE2000: 100% up to $2,000; 9x points requirement; 30 days
KINGSIZE2500: 100% up to $2,500; 8x points requirement; 21 days

RedKings Poker Bonus Clearing

With the FlopTurnRiver exclusive FTR2K bonus, you must earn 8,000 points to receive each of the two $1,000 portions of the bonus funds. You’ll accumulate these points at a rate of 3.6 per dollar paid in tournament fees. In cash games, the number of points you get will be assigned based upon a chart available at RedKing’s website. The stakes and games you play at and the number of seats at the table all factor into the point awarding calculations.

16,000 points for the whole bonus corresponds to $4,445 in tournament fees paid. This works out to a cashback rate of 45%. You can thus clear the whole bonus by playing 2,223 $20 + $2 MTTs and SNGs. The rates for clearing the bonus in cash games will be highly variable, but you can take a look at the chart on the right-hand side of this page to get a general idea of how fast you can earn the bonus at various games and stakes.

Be prepared to grind many hands to earn this signup bonus, because you only have 22 days and you must generate a lot of rake before receiving it. As with most bonuses, it is significantly easier to earn the RedKings Signup Bonus if you are playing higher stakes. If you’re not certain if you’ll be able to clear any of this bonus, you might be better served by one of the other RedKings Poker bonus codes. Be aware, however, that many of them have a worse valueback rate than our special FTR bonus.

Alternate Welcome Bonuses

As though offering six standard signup bonuses (as well as the FTR-specific bonus) were not enough, RedKings also offers a few non-traditional bonuses.

By using the code WORLDKINGS, one can get an incremental bonus that pays in five installments of $100 each every time you accrue 900 points. But the first installment, instead of awarding $100, is paid in the form of a €92 gift certificate allowing you to purchase a football shirt of the team of your choice. This bonus is valid for 90 days from deposit.

Players looking to improve their games may be interested in bonus codes HMPRO500 and HMPRO1000. Upon completion of the first 800-point portion of either of these codes, the player will receive a license for the popular poker tracking software Holdem Manager 2 Pro, a $99.99 value. Using HMPRO500 will allow you to earn up to four additional $100 steps for 800 points each. Those who avail themselves of the HMPRO1000 bonus will instead have a chance to earn up to four $200 bonus payments at 1,600 points apiece. Either of these bonus codes will remain active for a total of 60 days.

VIP Club

As you gather more and more player points during your time at the tables, you’ll increase your level in the RedKings Poker VIP Club. You’ll automatically start at Bronze and will be able to work yourself up to Royal VIP if you put in the necessary volume of game-play.

You’ll have the chance to spend your points in the shop, enter special freerolls and receive invitations to exclusive events based upon your VIP level. At the highest VIP tiers, players receive personalized customer support, concierge service and even an opportunity to join Team RedKings! It’s possible to receive rewards amounting to as much as 40% rakeback equivalent through this VIP program.

Get started today on your whopping $2,000 bonus by following our links below and depositing as little as $200 at RedKings Poker!

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