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Titan Poker Review


200% up to $2000 Deposit Bonus at Titan Poker!Titan Poker is without a doubt the most notable and well-known site on the iPoker Network, as well as the number one online poker room in Europe. As a member of iPoker they share the same players as Bet365, William Hill and other sites. Unfortunately, as of right now, they do not accept US players. TitanPoker employs Playtech’s industry leading software and you can really tell because the rooms look great.

Titan Poker offers Texas Hold\’em (Limit, No-limit, and Pot-limit), Omaha (Limit and Pot-limit), Omaha Hi/Lo (Limit and Pot-limit), and 7/5 Card Stud and razz. They also offer all of these as Heads-up games from $.02/$.04 up to $300/$600, as well as SNGs from $0.10 + $0.01 up to $5,000+$200. Lots of tournaments are scheduled although some of their guarantees may overlap. Titan Poker also turns your first deposit into free entry tokens to their $10,000 New Depositors Freerolls! There are often players who sign up for the tournament but forget to play it, which can turn out to be an easy money-making gem for those that do.

Sit & Go tournaments at Titan Poker have lots of players in them. They also offer a lot of action with buy-ins ranging from $0.10 + $0.02 up to $5,000 + $200. The last time we looked, we would estimate that at least 600 people were playing or about to play. These are pretty good numbers as a lot of sites have empty tables all over the place, but still pale in comparison to the bigger sites. The action is pretty much evenly distributed over their Heads-up, Beginners, and Jackpot games; however the Satellite room will leave you wanting. With the range of games and the number of players this room should keep everyone reasonably happy.

Tournament traffic is pretty good at Titanpoker. Scheduled tournaments usually have great turnout and occasionally leave some overlay. They offer an excellent range of game types and buy-in amounts. Buy-ins start from $0 at their Freerolls and go up to $160 + $12. They also have a lot of invitational events for VIP players. This truly is a great room with an exceptional variety of tournaments for any player to choose from.

In a day and age when points and VIP clubs are all the rage, TitanPoker offers a pretty comprehensive reward system. It has nine VIP levels: Bronze, Bronze+, Copper, Silver, Gold and Titanium. All new players start out at the Bronze level and get upgraded as they earn points at ring games and tournaments. Players are ranked based on the points they earned during the previous month. Here is how it works:

VIP Bronze – 0-249 Points
VIP Bronze+ – 250-2000 Points
VIP Copper – 2,001-2,999 Points
VIP Silver – 3,000-4,999 Points
VIP Gold – 5,000-14,999 Points
VIP Titanium – 15,000 Points and up
VIP Diamond – Combined total of 100,000 Points over a 3 month period

Titan Poker has recently switched over to a weighted rake system, bringing them in line with the rest of the gaming industry. Now, players will earn rake based upon the amount of cash they put into a pot. Each user will now earn 15 points for each $1 they contribute, while players who sit out hands will not receive any points. Points can be redeemed for entries to tournaments or turned into cash. Allow your points to accumulate and you can redeem them for larger sums of money.

Titanpoker has worked really hard to create a competitive rewards program and it seems to have paid off.

Software Interface/Usability

Titan Poker offers a slick 3D design and animated characters that verbally say “call, fold, or raise.” This adds a lot to the poker experience. You can choose to have the chat bar on the side, under the table, or removed completely. Additionally, you can choose to have all chat, summaries, dealer, or just player chat. It really helps to fit in so you can get the “perfect mold” and get all set with your game. You can also choose your avatar from pre-set selections, but you cannot upload your own custom one. You can choose to have the option “All-in” removed and also have a warning displayed for a large all-in bet, a very useful safety for preventing mistaken clicks. If you are a control freak you will love the customized options.

When multi-tabling on the site each table opens up a new window. The room also offers a Mini Table option that automatically tiles on your screen, based on resolution. This makes it easy to see all the action on many tables at once!

Hand Histories are displayed in a nice graphic format – one needs only to press a button and they are set. However, some may prefer to have standard text hand histories.

The poker software has recently been updated, with an online flash version compatible for Mac, and is available in any of the following languages: English, Polish, Swedish, French, Italian, Norwegian, German, Danish, Russian, Romanian, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, Greek, Hungarian and Portuguese.

Room Action

Titan Poker has no shortage of action with an average of 10,000+ connected at most times during the day sharing traffic on the iPoker network. This is more than plenty for an online poker room! Most of the players were concentrated in the low-mid stakes No-limit Hold’em areas but there were always micro and high stakes running as well. You also should be able to find an Omaha or Stud game if you want but usually no more than a few tables for any limit.

Ease of Game, Ease of Making Money, Fish Rating

It’s plain and simple: the majority of the players at Titan Poker suck. With its generous bonus offers – many people receive large money incentives to sign up and clear a bonus – Titan Poker appears to be the site for many beginning players (although on a much smaller scale when compared to Party Poker). The rest of the players also seem to be there clearing a bonus and are just playing break-even poker. Aggression and good rushes will lead you to make an absolute killing with the fish.

Tournaments are extremely soft, including the aforementioned New Depositors Freerolls (every first time depositor gets 4 free entry tokens for New Depositor Freerolls which each have a $2,500 prize pool).

Their tournaments are now offering satellites for various poker trips. Previously, it was just for cash prizes. This is a nice step up because with the poor players you have a better chance of being able to win a nice poker trip / tournament entry, as opposed to playing in large tournaments full of good players all competing for only one spot (like at PokerStars).

The site is an excellent gold mine for pillaging micro limit players, as they are just awful… worse than the micro players on other sites. Of course, as you increase the stakes, the amount of truly bad players will be less. You will still be able to make nice profits consistently, though, if you can play just above average.

Bonuses and Promotions

Titan Poker offers an exclusive bonus for FTR members. By signing up through FlopTurnRiver, you will get a 200% up to $2,000/€1,500/£1,200 bonus on your initial deposit! Make sure you sign up with the links on this page and use the Titan Poker bonus code FTRIVER when creating your account. If you deposit $1,000 you will get an extra $2,000 courtesy of FTR and Titan Poker!

Earning the bonus is relatively simple to explain – you collect $5 dollars of your bonus for every 300 Titan Poker Points. So for the complete $2,000, you need 120,000 points. How do you earn the points? Well, cash players will get 15 Points per $1 of rake contributed to the pot (20 Points for each €1 and 24 Points for each £1 for those not playing the dollar tables) and 17/ 23 / 27 points for each $1 / €1 / £1 of tournament fees you pay!

Remember, the 200% up to $2,000 first deposit bonus at Titan is for FTR members only, so make sure you signup with the links on this page and use the Titan Poker bonus code FTRIVER when signing up!

Customer and Technical Support

Support at Titan Poker is absolutely excellent and always ready to answer your questions. They offer 24/7 online support as well as e-mail and phone contacts. In addition to these, they have a chat option in the lobby. You can ask anything from promotional to technical questions and they will get the answer. It feels like you have your own personal tech assistant waiting anytime you want to chat. Since you access this option through the lobby, they have your log-in information ready and start out calling you by your name.

The only problem with this feature is that once you open this door, you cannot close it. They will occasionally just open the chat line from their end and remind you of little bonuses and promotions they have. That can be annoying when you are calculating whether or not to go all in and suddenly the chat covers your hand and says: “Have you heard about our incredible sign-up bonus, etc.” However, when you have a question, no one can say that Titan Poker does not have someone available to help at any time.

To make a long story short, is Titan Poker’s customer service any good? You bet! Titan Poker has managed to capture Gambling Online Magazine\’s Gold Award in Best Online Poker Customer Service for three consecutive years. Titan did this in 2006, 2007 and 2008, and was runner up in 2009.


You can call them anytime at:
+1 (888) 201-5684 (Toll Free, Canada only)
0-800-066-4320 (Freephone, UK only)
+632-756-7927 (International)

Our test cash-out was quick and relatively harmless, taking 2-3 days. They asked for no additional information before performing a cash out.

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