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True Poker Review


Formerly known for their attempt to create a 3D poker experience, True Poker has evolved into a more conventional member of the online gaming community. Their servers has seen modest growth since the decision to render their games exclusively in two dimensions, allowing players of a more conventional bent to cash in on their enormous poker bonus.

At True Poker, you will find no-limit, pot-limit, and limit Hold’em ranging from $.05 – $.10 up to $15 – $30. They also offer Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo, but good luck getting a game running. Around 95% of the players are playing hold’em, and most no-limit.

Their SNGs range from $.90+$.09 up to $95.69 with the high stakes games mainly being of the heads-up variety. They offer 10 player, 6 max, and heads up; also games such as winner take all and turbos. Just make sure you notice a game is winner take all before you register! If you like playing SnGs, just plainly stay away. Traffic is very very slim, and mainly around the $10 – $20, and rarely higher than that. MTTs are better than when they initially launched but that isn’t saying much since they didn’t even have a MTT schedule! They offer various tournaments throughout the day, with buy-ins ranging from $3 + $.5 up to $50 + $5.

All Rakeback is controlled though links and cookies. So be sure to clear your cookies before following the link for rakeback. The link is at the bottom of this page as a banner. Once you have followed the link it will take you to True Poker’s home page. Download the software – the link to the download is on a column at the left of the page. There is a link which says “Download software.”

It’s easy to over look the link and click on a different link. If you accidentally click on a different link please use the rakeback link again to get back to the site before downloading. Once you leave the home page you will no longer be tracked by FTR. You must go straight to download after following the rakeback link. Once you have downloaded the site you must register a screen name and register your real information to make a real money deposit. If you have done the steps correctly, after registering you personal information you should receive an e-mail from True Poker telling you about you rakeback and where to view your stats.

Software Interface/Usability

In days past, True Poker was known for their 3D tables. Recently, they’ve ditched this sometimes cumbersome system in favor of a more conventional appearance. Not surprisingly, this has resulted in an increase in their player traffic. Much of the old design themes and colors are still present, but things have become much easier to navigate.

The lobby at TruePoker is a bit cluttered, but overall it gets the job done. Users can sort out their preferred games using a number of columns and tabs. The stakes are clearly displayed, which makes it easy to get around.

One rather disturbing aspect is this – Rather than posting both their tournaments and their ring games in a single window, TruePoker forces players to navigate through two separate windows to view these game types. This can be confusing and frustrating, since most players will be used to an integrated single window system.

Poker Room Action

At True Poker there is just not a lot of action outside their NL Hold’em cash games. They do offer games such as Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo but there might be 1-2 microstakes games running during most times and it does not get much better on the weekends. On weeknights they will typically have 2-3 NL games running from $.05/$.10 up to $1/$2. Their high stakes limits such as $5/$10 are typically reserved for heads-up play and even then do not get a lot of action.

Unfortunately their SNG and tournament scene is not much better. Even their lower buy-in events have trouble getting 100+ players. Their weekly $7,500 guarantee is the biggest event and runs on Sunday afternoons. It is not a bad tournament because it usually has some nice overlay with a $55 entry fee. Before you sign up at True Poker make sure you understand their software only allows you to play one tournament at a time. For some reason players can play up to 4 cash game tables or even 3 with a tourney at the same time, but when it comes to MTTs you can only one-table.

Until True Poker joins a bigger network with other skins we do not foresee a big jump in traffic. With out of date software and a small tournament schedule there is not enough attracting new players at this time.

Ease of Game, Ease of Making Money, Fish Rating

It is easy to make money with the fish that were at the 1/2 to 3/6 tables, but variance is high. If you can play for the long run then your pay offs can be huge. The average player here plays poorly to absolutely horrible. There are some sharks, but they stick out like a sore thumb! The whole 3D software does attract more fish, so you will find some very odd plays throughout all limits. While railing their highest stake game offer, $5 – $10 nl, we considered taking a shot because the players were so bad! If you are a good player you should be able to just crush the tables here. Our fish rating on a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being the best, is a 4.

Bonuses and Promotions

Besides the rakeback offered (described above), True Poker offers a 100% to $1000 initial deposit bonus!. There is no bonus code; your bonus will be credited automatically upon your qualifying deposit. Simply use our links to signup for your 27% rakeback and bonus.

The True Poker bonus clears at a rate of 27.5 Award Points per dollar. You’ll earn 5.5 of these points for every $1 in rake or tournament fees you pay.

It’s easy to handle your bonus issuance at True Poker. You can receive a payment to your account balance anytime you wish through the poker software interface as long as you’ve earned enough points to clear at least $1 in bonus. You’ll have 60 days to try to unlock the full bonus, after which time the remaining bonus funds will expire.

You will also qualify for $250 New Depositors Freerolls for a month upon making your first deposit. These freerolls run once a week.

True Poker offers an Elite Benefits Program, but rakeback players are unable to take advantage of it. This is not a great concern because the rewards offered by Elite Benefits are less than the amount received through rakeback for most players. However, those who put in significant volume may be able to achieve rewards approaching 70% valueback from the Elite Benefits Program. Fortunately, you can switch your account from rakeback to the rewards system if you find that you would benefit from doing so.

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Rakeback Review

True Poker offers 27% plus 5% for players you sign up to the program. I don’t know many better deals available! Customer service for the rakeback program is swift and a response is given to any questions you have in a reasonable amount of time. Payments are made smoothly into your account. No matter how much you have made that month it will be deposited to your account, which is also a plus given that some places you have to make over $50 that month for them to make payments.

FTR has done a great deal of research on the subject of rakeback programs. We have seen other sites offer it and then take it away. This is one reason we have been very careful with this type of project. Even if FTR comes crashing down next week, you will still get your rake back every month.

We also did not want to get involved in a shady rakeback program that was prohibited by the poker room. For example, Party Poker DOES NOT ALLOW RAKEBACKS, whether on their site or one of their “skins.” These skins include Party Poker, Empire Poker, PokerNow, Eurobet, and Intertops Poker. None of these poker rooms can offer their players any rakeback.

We don’t want to offer something only to take it back.

Players have logins to a console on a TruePoker server where they can check stats and see how much rake they have generated.

You also can ADD to your rakeback amount! This is a great opportunity for you to get 5% of the rakes from people who sign up under you!

TruePoker Rakeback Structure
27% to player
5% to player’s children

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Customer and Technical Support

Outside of rakeback, we haven’t had any experience with the True Poker Customer or Technical support because we never needed to. That says a lot. If we don’t have to complain to costumer service or Technical support about something then it rates decently high in our books. We have talked to the rakeback technical support and they were extremely helpful and responded relatively quickly given it was a weekend. We e-mailed them and got a response back quickly on a Monday. You can also call a Host at anytime at the tables or lobby, which is helpful. Live support is available 24 hours a day and E-mails are usually answered within 24 hours:

Phone: 1-800-527-4048

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