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True Poker Bonus

Claiming Your True Poker Bonus

There are no bonus codes needed if you want to play at True Poker. Instead, follow our links and make your first deposit to automatically qualify for any applicable bonuses. It’s important to follow this procedure carefully so that you can receive the 27% rakeback that is due to you as a FTR player.

First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to $1,000

After you’ve created your account and made your initial deposit, you’ll be rewarded with 100% in free bonus funds up to a maximum of $1,000. This is in addition to the 27% rakeback, which you’ll receive going forward as long as you continue playing at True Poker.

You’ll earn $1 of bonus for every 27.5 Award Points (APs) you generate. This means that the entire $1,000 bonus can be yours upon accruing 27,500 points. Keep grinding at the tables for 60 days to score as much of this bonus as you possibly can.

You have complete personal control of when bonus payments are made to your account. You can manage your bonus within the poker client in the “Rewards” tab. When you want to convert your earned bonus to ready cash, simply press the button labeled “Click Here to Redeem,” and the amount of bonus for which you’re eligible will be transferred over to your real-money balance.

True Poker Bonus Clearing

You’ll need to earn Award Points in order to unlock your bonus funds. You’ll receive 5.5 points per $1 paid in tourney fees or cash game rake. Because the bonus clears at a rate of 27.5 pts/$1, this bonus is, in essence, a 20% rebate on the rake you pay while earning it. In order to get the whole $1,000 bonus amount, you’ll need to pay $5,000 in rake and tourney fees, amassing 27,500 APs in the process.

You can achieve this $5,000 rake total with 2,500 $20 + $2 tournaments or sit and gos. For those who prefer ring games, just under 100K hands of NL100 full-ring should suffice to meet the bonus requirements. It may seem tough to play this much in only two months, but remember that you’ll be able to request partial bonus payments whenever you want. Therefore, it should be no problem to use this bonus in the manner that’s best for you.

You’ll be earning your 27% rakeback at the same time as you labor towards completion of the bonus, so long as you didn’t neglect to use our special links. The way this works is that any bonus payments you receive will be deducted from your rakeback. Don’t fear; you’re still better off than if you had no rakeback at all. Let’s look at a concrete example.

Suppose you clear $100 of bonus by earning 2,750 Award Points. This would mean that you’ve paid $500 in rake. Your $100 bonus will be deducted from your $500 rake total, and then the 27% rakeback will be applied to the remaining $400. This works out to a rakeback payment of $108, for a total of $208 returned back to you (41.6% cashback). This is more than the $100 you would have earned from bonus alone or the ($500 * 27%) = $135 you’d receive from rakeback without any bonus.

Elite Benefits

Through a comprehensive system of bonuses, points multipliers, and instant cash payments, True Poker’s Elite Benefits program offers a ton of rewards. Everyone starts out as a “Player” and can work their way up to “Icon” status, where the rewards are truly, well, iconic. Icon players can get up to 69% effective cash back.

If it seems impossible to receive both 69% in Elite Benefits and 27% in rakeback, that’s because it is. Players can choose to enroll in EITHER the rakeback scheme or the Elite Benefits program. For low stakes or recreational players, FTR’s rakeback deal is the best bet. If you can put in sick volume or play for high stakes, then Elite Benefits is the way to go. Fortunately players on rakeback can request that the site’s support personnel switch them over from rakeback to Elite Benefits. You’ll thus get the chance to pick the solution that’s right for you.

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