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True Poker Download

Formerly known for their 3D tables, TruePoker has scaled back their graphical endeavors in favor of offering a solid, straightforward player appearance. Their download file weighs in at just 8.6 MB, making for a quick and easy installation process. Registration and depositing take only a few minutes more, allowing players to head straight for their new tables.

The overall interface here retains many of the old TruePoker design cues, but without the needless attempt at 3D. Players will be able to more readily focus on the games themselves, rather than hassling with their display settings.

You don’t have to worry about security with the True Poker Download. They are committed to providing every player with the highest level of integrity and security. Everything is protected through SLL e-security and all data not only travels encrypted over the internet, it is also encrypted inside their databases.

True Poker was truly the first of its kind and many other websites have tried to copy what they have created. Try the True Poker Download today!

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