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True Poker Rakeback (Elite Benefits VIP)

True Poker Rakeback Overview

True Poker has been serving poker players around the world, including the United States, since 2001. Initially renowned (or reviled, depending on your point of view) for its unique 3D poker software, True Poker now uses a more straightforward software platform provided by the Winning Poker Network.

Most players are well served by the Elite Benefits VIP program, which effectively functions as True Poker rakeback although it is not exactly the same as rakeback. The way it works is that the more you play and the higher stakes you play, the higher your player Level. And the higher your player level, the more and better rewards you’ll be eligible to receive.

True Poker Elite Benefits Levels

As you play cash games or tournaments at True Poker, you’ll start to accrue Benefit Points (BPs). You’ll earn more of these points the more rake or fees you pay, and the amount of them you can accumulate will determine your level in the True Poker Elite Benefits program.

There are 4 monthly levels in the program and two annual ones. Below is a description of what you need to do to achieve a given level and the benefits that you’ll derive therefrom.

Monthly Levels

Player: Everyone starts out as a Player at True Poker. There are no requirements for entering this category. Those at Player level will receive one Player Point (PP) every time they generate a Benefit Point, and they can use these Player Points in the store to purchase tournament dollars, electronics, books, and other merchandise.

Rounder: The Rounder level requires 750 Benefit Points per month. Rounders receive 1.5 Player Points every time they collect 1 Benefit Point. This means they’ll be able to get more rewards in the store for a given amount of rake paid. At Rounder level, $50 in cash becomes available for purchase in the store.

Grinder: Grinders must earn 3,000 points every month to maintain their status. The points multiplier at the Grinder level is 2x. A $300 cash options becomes unlocked at this level.

Veteran: Amass 7,500 Benefit Points in a single month to be promoted to the Veteran tier. You’ll gain 2.5 Player Points per Benefit Point you earn. You’ll also get access to some cool store items: a $500 cash payout and LPS and PCPC live packages.

Yearly Levels

Legend: By earning 100,000 Benefit Points in a single year, you can gain entry into the ranks of Legends. You’ll receive 3.5 Player Points per Benefit Point, and $1,500 and $4,000 cash options will appear in the store. You will also have a chance to receive Legendary Bonuses cash credits for hitting certain BP milestones over the course of the year.

Icon: You’ll have to seriously put in the time at stakes that matter in order to earn the 1,000,000 yearly BPs needed to become an Icon. But if you can manage to do so, the rewards are truly great. Every Icon player gets a live Punta Cana poker package completely free of charge! There’s a 5x PP multiplication factor, which means that you’ll get plenty of Player Points to use in the store. You’ll get a chance to purchase the maximum $10,000 cash bonus, and just like Legends, you’ll pick up some extra cash as you reach certain BP targets.

Maintaining and Advancing Your Elite Benefits Player Level

Your tier within the True Poker Elite Benefits program will depend upon how many Benefit Points you can earn within a single month. When your monthly total surpasses the amount needed to enter the next level, you’ll immediately and automatically be bumped up to that level. What’s more, your status will carry over until the end of the next month. Only if you fail to generate enough points to maintain your status during the next month will your level be reduced.

The yearly levels work a bit differently. They will consider your points totals for the whole calendar year. Whenever you earn enough points to enter a yearly VIP level, you’ll be placed in that level right away. What’s more, you’ll maintain this status through February of the next year. During the following March, you’ll have to earn a certain number of BPs (7,000 for Legend and 45,000 for Icon). A failure to play enough to gain this number of Benefit Points during March will mean that you’ll be dropped from the yearly VIP program and will instead be demoted down to whatever level your March play entitles you to. You’ll have to keep earning the required minimum of points month after month to retain your status until you hit 100,000 or 1,000,000 points for the year again.

The “Rewards” tab of the True Poker software will allow you to easily see your current VIP level. There are two counters, which track your monthly and yearly Benefit Point accumulation. With this information easily at hand, there’s no cause for confusion when contemplating your progress within the True Poker Elite Benefits program.

Earning Benefit Points and Player Points

As you play poker, you’ll be rewarded with Benefit Points, which will determine your standing in the Elite Benefits program. Benefit Points are awarded at a rate of 5.5 per $1 in rake taken or tournament fees paid. True Poker uses the dealt rake method to calculate rake. This means that in any raked pot, the total amount of points awarded is equally distributed to everyone who was dealt into the hand regardless of whether or not they actually contributed to the pot.

As you earn Benefit Points, your Elite Benefits multiplier will convert them to Player Points. Thus the number of Player Points you receive will be greater as you advance to higher levels of Elite Benefits. You’ll then be able to use these points in the store to purchase merchandise, cash, tournament dollars, and other goodies.

Using Your Player Points

The most popular ways to use player points include cash and tournament tokens. Be aware that certain cash options are only available to players who have achieved a minimum level in the True Poker Elite Benefits rewards program. Check out the charts below for all the details.

Cash bonuses available at True Poker:

VIP Level NeededCash AmountPlayer Points CostDollar per Point

As you can see, the rates tend to get better as you purchase the larger cash rewards, although this trend is not as pronounced as it is at most other competing poker sites.

Tournament dollars for purchase in the True Poker store:

VIP Level NeededTourney Dollars GrantedPoints CostDollars per Point

The tournament dollars options award a better rate than even the highest cash payouts. What’s more, any VIP level can purchase any available amount of tournament dollars as long as they’ve saved up the required amount of player points.

In addition to these means of converting your points into cash and tournament dollars, you can also purchase computer monitors, iPods, poker books, and other goods for delivery to your location. Check out the True Poker store for all the details.

True Poker Achievement Rewards

As if the store purchase benefits were not enough, True Poker also grants you Achievement Rewards as you hit certain Benefit Point totals throughout the year. In order to claim one of these rewards, you must earn the requisite number of points and then claim the reward in the “Rewards” tab of the poker software. Every year, you’ll have a chance to earn these rewards again anew as you generate Benefit Points.

Here’s a breakdown of every Achievement Award that you can earn:

Benefit Points TotalAchievement Reward

Legendary Bonuses

True Poker’s Legendary Bonuses are essentially super-sized Achievement Rewards. Much like the Achievement Awards, Legendary Bonuses are awarded as you reach certain Benefit Point milestones during the year. These special bonuses are available only to players at the two highest VIP levels – Legend and Icon. Some of these bonuses are 100 times as large as those available in the Achievement Rewards program!

Check out this chart for more information on the number of points you’ll need to earn each Legendary Bonus.

BPs Yearly TotalLegendary Bonus

True Poker Elite Benefits Rakeback Percentage

Even without actual True Poker rakeback, you’ll be rewarded in a way that approximates rakeback through the cash and tournament dollars options in the store. The higher you advance in Elite Benefits, the greater percentage cashback you’ll achieve.

Players who are willing to take tourney bucks will see higher returns than those who insist on receiving instant cash. At the lowest level, Player, instant cash bonuses aren’t even available, but exchanging points for tournament dollars gives valueback of about 10%.

At the next level up, Rounder, the points multiplier and Achievement Rewards start to come into play. Players can be content with getting about 7% valueback through cash or between 16% and 20% through tournament dollars.

The rewards keep picking up the more you play at the tables. At Veteran level, considering the points multiplier and the larger Achievement Rewards that become available, players can get back about 27% – 31% of their rake in the form of tourney dollars. Those who prefer the cash option will see returns of about 20% – 27%.

Those who can make it to Icon level will really see some great value. They can achieve a cashback rate of nearly 70% through the judicious use of tournament dollars or 65% by taking the no-strings cash options. This is one of the highest rates of return available anywhere online! If you’re willing to put in the volume at the tables, True Poker certainly knows how to reward you with benefits that are worth your time to achieve.

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