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Unibet Download

The Unibet Download for poker starts with a small installer file. Once this is done downloading, simply run it and the install wizard will begin. Follow the simple steps and it will automatically download and install to the folder of your choice.

The software runs reasonably fast and is easy to navigate once you’ve had a chance to try it out for a while. Unibet uses a checkbox system for finding/filtering the games you would like to play. There is a “clear” button at the bottom of the left panel which allows you to reset your selections and start from scratch.

Here are some of the great software features that you will find after you download Unibet:

– Opening multiple tables at once from the lobby
– Multiple table layouts, buttons for cascade/tile poker table windows
– Instant in-browser play (holdem games only)
– Auto buy in/top up for cash games
– Customizable Bet Slider
– Calendar for tournament reminders

All the lobby columns are sortable. This allows you to find the type of game you want, whether it is shorthanded, loose, tight, big pots, small pots, many hands per hour, etc.

Start the Unibet download now!

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