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[Hand of the Week #5] TT UTG & QQ UTG+1 w/ 25 BBs in MTT

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    Arrow [Hand of the Week #5] TT UTG & QQ UTG+1 w/ 25 BBs in MTT

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Hand of the Week is a video series that we released in 2012, tackling a different hand each week. But for some reason, this episode was never put live, so here it is.

    It's possible we could bring back this video series as well, alongside FTR Quick Tips. Does anyone have any comments or feedback on what they would like to see for various hands of the week?

    Edit - You can find all of the previous Hand of the Week videos here:
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    It's great to see some vids coming out on FTR. I really did like the donkbee vids about a year ago (I believe they were what put FTR on my radar).

    The notion of playing the hand from both sides in a pair of vids is brilliant on many levels. Also, donkbee poses good questions, whose answers require analysis of more than just ranges and cards.

    I can't think of any suggestions for a specific hand to go over, but a monthly series could be quite effective. Like, in this pair of vids Hero had TT UTG/QQ UTG+1, and faced some interesting pre-flop action, so altering any one of those facts for the next vid would be excellent. This would show more of the reasoning behind the choices made in the hand by isolating certain elements of interest.
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    I've got an FTR quick tip: Don't drop the soap when m2m is around.
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    And by all means don't pick it up when Spoon is around
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