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    does anyone use acr? what is their cash out process like
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    Quote Originally Posted by lexi7503 View Post
    does anyone use acr? what is their cash out process like
    The entire WPN network (which ACR is on) is the best in the biz for US players. I think they're also #8 in total, global traffic now. That said, it's also the most challenging network that a US player can play on. You'll get much better, much faster though. Work on your game at WPN and then autoprofit on BOL.
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    The Cash Out service for ACR is really fast and easy. They offer many different cash out methods.
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    I have cashed out multiple times with no problem from ACR. The only problem that I had was when I tried to deposit the check which was written on a Canadian bank. Ally wouldn't take it at all, Wells Fargo wanted to charge me a fee, but my Discover Bank online account took the check with no problem. So, you might check with your bank before you request a check. And there are several other ways to cash out. I just prefer a check.

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