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Complicated NLH rule ???

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    Default Complicated NLH rule ???

    So I'm in a hand with one other player, I bet preflop, flop, turn and river and he calls all along. It was a big pot and he calls a small flush and I call out a king high flush with a K-10 of diamonds. WHen I reach down to flip my cards I notice they are gone from in front of my stack as the guy next to me raked them with the dead cards to start shuffling? Am I the loser here? A player next to me reaches in front of me and mucks my live cards?
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    It's your responsibility to protect your cards. That said, the dealer clearly made an error. If this is a causal game, then the dealer should check the mucked cards to at least see if the Kd and Td are together. If so, benefit of the doubt. If this is a serious game, call the floor and if it's not resolved, issue a formal complaint about the conduct of the dealer so he at least gets told by his superiors that he needs to be more careful in the future.
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    Yeh this was a two table 20 people home game that the winner goes to vegas after 10 months of playing. I get that its my responsibility but I've been playing this game for 20 years and never, ever had anyone grab my cards in front of me? Even if I did catch him grabbing them they were touching other mucked cards before I knew what happened and could react.
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    It's not something I've seen before, and with such a big prize on offer it's pretty serious. I would certainly not be happy about it. I would say the obvious immediate course of action is to check the mucked cards. Assuming the Td and Kd are indeed both mucked, then did anyone else muck them? And I guess there's an element of the other person in the hand having some integrity and accepting they were your cards and it wasn't your fault they got mucked. But I assume that didn't happen. In that event, I doubt I'd continue playing, I'd lose faith in the integrity of the games if people are grabbing cards from in front of people at showdown. If I'm already financially committed, well I guess you have no choice but to play the series out and learn from it... always protect your cards. A card protector chip is a good idea, a dealer is much less likely to grab cards that have a chip on top of them.

    I hope this hasn't caused friction amongst friends.
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