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General Hold’em Thoughts

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    Default General Hold’em Thoughts

    General Hold’em Thoughts
    ---Everybody needs more experience and thatincludes most pros.
    ---Just to see where your game is,occasionally play with better players.
    ---Play with confidence.
    ---Make quicker decisions.
    ---Get more money out of your great hands.
    ---Value bet more often.
    ---Play with no ego.
    ---Be ruthless.
    ---Accept your skill level.
    ---The tougher the game, theharder you need to try to hold your own.
    ---Push the advantages.
    ---Isolate and attack the weak players.
    ---Have at least a rough sense of the odds and expectations.
    ---Understand when a hand is worth a bet or not.
    ---Be more versatile and adaptable.
    ---Play tight or loose, as needed.
    ---Make quick adjustments.
    ---Focus on the player more than on the hands.
    ---Figure out the player’s styles.
    ---Be unpredictable.
    ---Read bluffs.
    ---Read tells.
    ---Play each hand as it comes.
    ---Don’t think about the money, but only about making the correct play.
    ---Attack the tight players.
    ---Build your stack slowly.
    ---Raise a lot, but not for the same amounts.
    ---Raise people off their draws.
    ---Set a few traps.
    ---Bluff a little more.
    --Terrence "VP Pappy" Murphy, Hallowed Hold'em Poker
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    Nice tips, vppappy! Although I do agree with most of them, there is one particular I am not a fan of:

    "Bluff a little more"

    Although this may be profitable at certain scenarios against specific opponents, I definitely don't recommend it on lower buyer tournaments or cash games. On these levels people just don't like the "FOLD" button and use it only at extreme situations
    So, when playing low-buyin tournaments just play ABC poker and bet more with your value hands- top pairs, two pairs, sets and stronger. There will be almost always someone to pay you off.
    BluFF me if you can!
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    I think it's important for a poker player to understand the difference between probability and luck. There is a distinction, and it's definitely relevant to poker.

    Luck determines the outcome of a single hand, or a small sample of hands. Probability determines the outcome of a large sample of hands.

    Poker is not a game of luck. It's a game of skill, and the skill is to estimate as accurately as possible the optimal way to play a hand based on how your opponent tends to play poker, the pot size, and the probability of winning the hand.

    Poker is a game of luck if everyone plays equally optimally (or suboptimally). But that isn't what happens.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    Thank you, very well formulated practical advice!
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    Thanks for such good information guys. I do like casinos it's like something more than just gambling it has its own atmosphere. I don't think we have the right to ban or condemn anyone who gambles. I play on the best poker sites and recommend you too that helped me a lot when I was a student and I had to pay for my studies, and my parents couldn't help me. Also, thanks to gambling, I still play and pay bills and loans. This is not only a pleasant pastime but also profitable. So, it's always up to you to gamble or not. And as always happens you can lose or you can win.
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