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I don’t understand at all

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    Default I don’t understand at all

    Besides reading numerous books, taking training courses, etc., this is the third forum I have joined trying to get better at poker. I hope this forum is more welcoming and helpful than the previous two. I just don’t get poker AT ALL. I am clearly stupid in all areas, but I think my biggest problem is varying my starting hands by position. I think I play too loose in early position and too tight in late position. I also have no idea what to do postflop unless I have an absolute monster. No training has improved my game. Should I just give up?

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    Sorry to hear about your experiences with other forums.

    Unfortunately, FTR hasn't seen much activity for years, now. While I hope you get the guidance you're looking for, this may be a very slow trickle of training for you. But I can promise any feedback you receive will be respectful and civil.

    Here's some suggestions for starting ranges. These are super tight - since you don't have confidence in your post-flop play, use tight starting ranges to make your life easier and give you more time to observe others without being in the hand.

    As for starting hands, aim to open about 40% of hands from the button, 20% from the cutoff, 10% from hijack, and then go down by a couple % for each additional seat you are off the button.
    Totally different advice applies for playing from the blinds, so be aware of that.

    Open means raise if everyone before you has folded or limped.

    For calling hands, you really need to consider the player who opened and from what position. I'll not get into that, now.
    Just play what seems right for now, and ask questions as you go.

    Take the time to study and learn poker math. You may not like math, but online poker is a math game more than anything. Live poker is a psychological game, but online is different.
    You can find any pattern you want to any level of precision you want, if you're prepared to ignore enough data.
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    Hi Murph, welcome to FTR. Sorry it's not very active these days but there still a couple of us here and we're happy to help where we can.

    We do still have lot of articles on the site from former members, and many of them are extremely useful for beginners. I highly recommend working through this list of articles...

    First of all, read this one...

    If you're not very good at poker, bad bankroll management will destroy you. I hope you're playing the cheapest stakes you can access, presumably $0.01/$0.02 for cash games (like zoom), or something like $0.10 for tournaments and sit n go. This way, your learning experience doesn't cost you too much money.

    This link talks about the basics of position, which you say you're having issues with.

    But take a look through all of those articles and read any that seem interesting to you.

    Good luck.
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