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Newbie questions

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    Default Newbie questions

    Since I'm new to online gamebling I have some questions.
    1. What do I need to play an online Poker game?
    2. What is the most profitable Poker game to play?
    I hope you can help me...Thanks
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    1) An account with an online gaming site
    2) It absolutely depends on the site and your knowledge and skill set

    You don't really need anything more than the time to play. (Playing vs. winning are 2 different things)

    You may love NLHE, but it is the most popular game across most online gaming sites and has been for many years. The amount of knowledge of the game and its tactics is more widespread than other games. Even noobs are going to be good as some things.

    You can probably put in less study and effort to become a winning player at the less popular games, simply because they are less popular. However, it's harder to find players with less popular games.

    It's pretty easy to multi-table NLHE, whereas it's nearly impossible to multi-table 7-stud. So this alters the volume of hands you can play in an hour in each game which will have its associated effect on your hourly winrate.
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    hi there i am new and learning php
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerry Edward View Post
    hi there i am new and learning php
    echo "sup bra";
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    The most profitable game for me is pokerstars zoom indeed. The number of bad players is enormous there.
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    i like playing on acr bcp and betonline
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    Hi I’m new here so I hope I’m not breaking any rules or have posted in the wrong category Like Gaby I'm also have seeking for advice...While searching for online poker sites I found a comparison site ***********. When choosing a poker site to use, should I go for a big-name poker site or one that’s offering the biggest bonus? Or one with the biggest percentage pay-out? Or one at the top of the list, Some casinos iv not heard of however this list says they are all licensed. But what is the most important thing I should be looking at here when deciding what to choose? What is the most important thing I should consider when choosing a casino? I want to make the right choice. I’m sorry if this may be a silly question.

    MOD EDIT : new posters giving affiliate sites in their posts will always get that site name deleted. If you want to advertise that site talk to admins
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    You just need to download a poker program of your choosing. Some US Sites are Americas Card Room, Black Chip Poker, Ignition, and BetOnline. You will also need a Debit card that allows for International Transactions
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    I am a sucker for a decent new player bonus. I always take advantage of these! I would suggest downloading the software from several sites and test drive them by playing the fake/free money games. Find one that you like and consider a minimum initial deposit. A few other important factors to consider: method of deposit; cashout policy and speed of payment. I personally like the larger sites where I can always find a game.
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    1 Choose a casino site but never use a place without history.
    2 Sign Up
    3 Remember about addiction
    4 Never set everything on stake
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    Hi, Gaby!

    I can tell my personal story. I started to plat poker with webcams recently.

    Before that I used to play in bars with my friends for money, winners were just paying for each other's cockails.

    But the guys left to the another country.

    Recently I came back to the game again. I prefer webcams as there for the first time I can see faces of real people.

    At least for me it is new! I like graphics and speed as well.

    I started to make little money there.

    Which platofrm do you plrefer? Maybe we could play together?
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    i may be one of those bad players you're talking about bruh

    Quote Originally Posted by simana View Post
    The most profitable game for me is pokerstars zoom indeed. The number of bad players is enormous there.
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    Okay, this is good advice, but how to find the best gambling sites?
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    are there any poker website that you don't have to download anything?

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