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OOP Flush Draw

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    Default OOP Flush Draw

    Hey all,

    First time poster...I am a long time limit player but have recently begun the very long journey to learning NL holdem. I am currently playing .2/.5 NL games on Ignition and the following scenario occurred. My thought process behind this hand was I wanted to allow the villains to bet this hand for me while on my draw OOP. I didn't think a check reraise all in would get anyone to fold. How would you play this hand differently and why?! Thank you!

    Hand Actions
    Position Action Action Data
    Dealer Set dealer 1
    Small Blind Small Blind $0.02
    Big Blind [ME] Big blind $0.05
    Dealer Card dealt to a spot
    Small Blind Card dealt to a spot
    Big Blind [ME] Card dealt to a spot J T
    UTG Card dealt to a spot
    UTG+1 Card dealt to a spot J K
    UTG+2 Card dealt to a spot T 9
    UTG Folds
    UTG+1 Raises $0.12
    UTG+2 Calls $0.12
    Dealer Folds
    Small Blind Folds
    Big Blind [ME] Calls $0.07
    FLOP T 5 K
    Big Blind [ME] Checks
    UTG+1 Bets $0.20
    UTG+2 Calls $0.20
    Big Blind [ME] Calls $0.20
    TURN T 5 K 9
    Big Blind [ME] Checks
    UTG+1 Checks
    UTG+2 Bets $0.49
    Big Blind [ME] Calls $0.49
    UTG+1 Calls $0.49
    RIVER T 5 K 9 5
    Big Blind [ME] Checks
    UTG+1 Checks
    UTG+2 Checks
    Big Blind [ME] Showdown Two pair
    T T 5 5 K
    UTG+1 Showdown Two pair
    K K 5 5 J
    UTG+2 Mucks Two pair
    T 9
    UTG+1 Hand result $2.33
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    Hello, welcome to FTR.

    I'm afraid you're not going to get much help based on this post, simply because the hand format is painful to read and is lacking suits.

    Do you have the raw hand data ? If so, paste that, and I'll convert it. Or you can do this yourself by taking this link (which can be easily reached by clicking the "hand converter" link at the top of the page")...

    ...paste the raw hand data into the input box, hit "convert hand", then copy/paste the output into your forum post, and it will be much easier for people to read the hand.

    Other important factors that need to be considered are any reads you have on villains, including tracking stats if you have them, and your image.

    One minor point... it's better if results are not shown, as this tends to skew people's thoughts.

    Here's an example of a nicely presented OP...

    Note that weld has removed his final action and the results, and has given us as much info as he can on villains. The fact he butchered the hand is irrelevant, it's a good post.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    I went cross eyed trying to read this
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    I'm sorry man but if you're not going to clarify the suits of the cards, I can't help you. Either rewrite it with the suits of the cards, or delete the post entirely.

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