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Pineapple poker

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    Default Pineapple poker

    can anyone suggest good reading material in learning how to play pineapple poker. i know the rules but i dont know where to start. a friend invited me to play this 22 and just want to learn a bit(just so i dont lose that much). I play nlhe and plo online and live but never played pineapple for cash before..
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    Starting hands are stronger, which means your starting hand selection needs to be tighter PRE.

    Starting with 3 of a kind is weak, since you can only play 2 of the cards in most pineapple variants, meaning that you're blocking your own outs to a set. (Obv. if you're playing a variant where you can play all 3 cards, then it's quite strong.)

    AAT and AA5 are the best starting hands (stronger still if the T or 5 matches suit with one of the Aces), since pocket aces often get cracked by a straight (or flush). Every straight has either a T or a 5 in it, so blocking those cards helps block straights.

    Other than that, it's just a poker game and all the fundamentals of poker apply.

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